ToeJam’s Top Picks this Week 8/24/17


Welcome back to my (ToeJam) top picks for this week, featuring The Foo Fighters and more. Just like the stuff I gather from my toes I will keep these songs in a special place!

10.  Papa Roach – American Dreams  …  My respect levels are off the charts.

9.  Trivium – The Heart From Your Hate    Why does this song give me a Stone Sour vibe, must be me, Still not bad.

8.  Sygnal To Noise – Politician Man  …  Off their our new album HORNS HIGH!

7.  Scarlet Revolt – Bleed  …  Heavy Riffs and upstanding vocals on this one!

6.  LaRissa Vienna and the Strange – Haunted  …  Doom with poppish feels and a violin, can’t ask for much more!

5.  Foo Fighters – The Sky Is A Neighborhood  …  Is it Foo Fighters or Imagine Dragons? Foo Dragons!

4.  Jared James Nichols – Last Chance  …  Raw Rock n Roll. Your heart is racing and your mind is FUCKING BLOWN!!!

3.  Ignite the Fire – Breathe  …  Ignite The Fire have not only defined themselves through their music but through their live shows as well.

2.  Some Fear None – Staying on the Zero  … Nasty heavy tones, this rocks!

1.  KillSET – Killers In The Pit  …  Get in the pit and try to love someone!, Hell Yeah.

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