Aesthetic Perfection Makes it up to the Fans

Article and Photos By Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images

Concerts are one of the best things to experience. Thousands of fans coming together to celebrate the music created by one or many members of a band. However, there is a lot more that goes into putting a show on, that people may not think about. You have to consider booking the venue, selling the tickets, finding roadies, not getting sick before a show, etc. Sometimes these things don’t always come together, and a scheduled show can be cancelled. This is always unfortunate to see and can disappoint a lot of loving fans. This did happen to a recent Aesthetic Perfection show, that was supposed to take place earlier this year. Daniel Graves, the man behind Aesthetic Perfection, is not one to leave his fans disappointed, so he and the band made sure to schedule a make up show. This show took place at the Casbah in San Diego, bringing with him Night Club and Nyxx, and I must say, the show definitely made up for the missed appearance.


Opening the night is the one woman power house, Nyxx. She has grown quite a loyal following, as proven by how packed the Casbah was by the time she hit the stage. Dancing, grooving, and flaunting her sexuality for the crowd, she got the night started with her first single “Nightmare.” Nyxx loves to show off her goth pop style, with songs that lean towards a more dark and macabre lyrical style. Even performing a gothic styled cover of Halsey’s song “Castle.” Always being a performer for the people, Nyxx would constantly interact with her fans who were dancing and singing along, in the front row, giving many of them hugs and winks throughout the show. Even playing to the photographers by liking this one’s camera lens. Closing out her set with her latest single “Diabolical,” Nyxx seduced the rest of the house into surging forth towards the stage; almost like being spellbound by a Succubi.  Anyone who was within ear shot was grooving to the rhythm that Nyxx was creating. All were in her grasp.

Full Nyxx slideshow below:

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Night Club, Emily Kavanaugh, Mark Brooks

The next band to hit the stage is a band that I have described in a past review, as the personification of the coolest people in the room, and they continue to live up to that title. Starting their performance off, wearing leather jackets and shades in doors, Night Club brought their in your face personas to the Casbah, and opened their set with the song “Freak Like Me.” The band consists of lead singer Emily Kavanaugh, and music programmer Mark Brooks. Emily is a force to be reckoned with on stage, as she is constantly standing over the front row, to sing directly to the back of the venue. She even at one point, jumped into the audience to sing and dance for the crowd. Mark, on the other hand, is the synth pop master, keeping the electronic groove flowing throughout each song. Paraphrasing one of Night Clubs tweets; if you are aren’t sweating by the end of your performance, you didn’t go hard enough. And boy do they live these words, with Emily constantly flying across the stage, throughout each song, and Mark being the beat master that he is, dancing and bobbing behind his mixers. Night Club is starting to gain some good traction, as they will be joining Lords of Acid and CombiChrist, for the first half of their upcoming Sextreme Fest tour this fall, and I would highly recommend anyone to check these guys out when they come through your town.

Full Night Club slideshow below:

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As the crowds started to squeeze into the small San Diego club, you knew that it was time to see the man that would not disappoint his fans. Making up for a show that had to be unfortunately cancelled, Aesthetic Perfection apologized to their fans by arranging this make up show. Creating a screaming mess of the fans, when they heard the opening lyrics to “Anti-Body.” Daniel Graves is the most charismatic front man I have seen, to this day. Hitting the stage rocking his sequin blazer, fedora, and smeared eye black. Daniel’s smile permeates throughout the club, as he dances across the stage. Behind the drum kit is Tim Van Horn, who had an LED upside down cross shining through his bass drum, and another one sitting on his headband. Riding the high hat and banging on the cymbals, Tim created the beats that had the entire audience dancing. We got to be the inaugural crowd to experience the first live performance of Aesthetic Perfection’s latest single “Rhythm + Control (Electro Version).” No matter how long the boys of Aesthetic Perfection performed, it was never going to be enough for this crowd. As they moved from song to song, the audience just became more enamored with the band giving everything they had, dancing and singing their hearts out, while lingering on every word and beat, created by Daniel and Tim. Closing the night out with “The New Black,” an audience member rushed the front of the stage, dying to be closer to the band and create a lasting moment in time for themselves.

Full Aesthetic Perfection slideshow below:

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On a Friday night, loyal and loving fans crowded a small San Diego club, to see bands that they are dedicated to, and got everything they were looking for. Nyxx goes to show that you should not skip any opening band, as you can miss a very pleasurable performance. Night Club continues to create fans, with every new performance and each new venue they enter. Lastly, Aesthetic Perfection continues to be one of the shining gems in the Industrial music scene. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long, before we can show our love for all these bands again.

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