Dirty Machine announces spot on ICP’s upcoming tour

Dreams do come true my metal miscreants, don’t believe me, ask Los Angeles based Metal Core band, Dirty Machine.  After much speculation and nail biting by yours truly, the official announcement was made at 5 p.m. today, 9-5-17.  Dirty Machine has claimed a coveted spot, on the much anticipated Great Milenko Tour. A not so cryptic, cryptic post appeared on Dirty Machine’s Instagram page mid- afternoon stating, and I quote ” oh shit oh shit OH SHIT!!! HUGE EXCITING NEWS!!!! STAY TUNED!!!  Dirty Machine” (See post below).  ICP’s PR folks were as reticent on naming the tour line up, as Slip Knot was when they announced their new drummer.  I am not kidding folks, It was like herding cats, trying to get someone to spill the beans.

You can purchase tickets: HERE

Not familiar with Dirty Machine? That is all about to change, as a result of me, your Metal Mistress, giving you the 411 on the one, the only, AMAZEBALLS Dirty Machine.  The band’s Facebook page states they are Nu Metal, I can agree, that there are some Nu Metal nuances mixed into the very fabric of this multifaceted 6 piece.  (For those of you playing along at home, Nu Metal is described as a form of alternative metal, that combines elements of heavy metal music, with elements of other music genres. Nu metal bands are famous for combining elements of a variety of musical styles, including multiple genres of heavy metal, hip-hop, alternative and grunge). I also hear strong influences from some of the greats of non-metal music, like Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, the Godfathers of hip hop. Don’t believe me, listen to Dirty Machine’s newest single, Discord, and you will hear the resonating influence of Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five’s groundbreaking  skills on the turntable.  Just the fact that Dirty Machine has incorporated pieces of the most significant musicians of the 20th and 21st century, proves that, these hombres are destined for greatness.  Imagine taking the tone of KORN, energy of Lincoln Park, grittiness of Limp Biscuit and musicality of Disturbed, and throwing them into a blender.  The end result, once the puree button was turned off, would be Dirty Machine. Yepper doodles, kittens, this band is the REAL DEAL!   Do you feel the gravity of this situation my metal minions? Sense the very importance of this article?  You must click on the links below, get your tickets for an upcoming show, check out their new album Discord, and as always my lovelies, BE THE METAL!!!

By Skullgurl Metalchick

Check out Dirty Machine’s latest album Discord on iTunes: HERE

Band Members:

Dave Leach – Vocals

Darren Davis – Vocals/Guitar

Arnold Quezada – Guitar


DJ Ecusa – Turntable

Youngblood – Bass


Follow Dirty Machine on their social media links:

Website | Facebook Twitter | Instagram

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