F. K.U. releases “NIGHTMARES IN A DAMAGED BRAIN”: 1st Single from new album “1981”


September 22, 2017, Swedish shock rockers F.K.U. released the debut single from their new album “1981”  Entitled “Nightmares in a Damaged Brain,” the track, like most of F.K.U.’s music is inspired by 80’s thrash and horror movies, along with old copies of Metal Forces and cheap beer.

The band has just finished tracking the “1981” album, which is named for the ultimate year of the slasher movie genre, a year so revered in the slasher world that many of the movies shot that year are revered as horror movie classics, even to this day.

F.K.U 02

The band says, “‘Nightmares in a Damaged Brain’ is a straight to the point thrasher, that pretty much sums up the vibe we were going for on this album. D-beat thrash and horror madness galore!” The idea with the album, inspired by movies such as Corpse Mania, Night School as well as the timeless classics Halloween II and Friday the 13th Part 2, is to take the listener back to the days when you and your friends went to the local video store to rent video cassettes, and weren’t able to download your movies from the internet.

2017 also sees F.K.U. celebrating their 30th anniversary as a band, which makes their tie to the 80’s a strong one. “1981″ is self produced by the band and was recorded at The Overlook in Gavie, Sweden. Recorded by William Blackmon, mixed by Lawrence Mackrory & Daniel Bergstrand at Dugout Productions and mastered by Mackrory at Obey Mastering, the album features astonishing artwork by Tom Hodge of The Dude Designs.


Nightmares in a Damaged Brain” can be purchased on iTunes and streamed on Spotify.



You can learn more about the band by following the links below:





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