Interview with Neal Tiemann of DevilDriver

By Skullgurl Metalchick

The life of a touring musician is a tenacious one.  To be a professional, touring musician takes blind faith, fearlessness, determination and boatloads of talent.  It takes a unique soul to be able to leave their loved ones and normalcy behind, and climb onto a tour bus, with a mixed menagerie of kindred spirits.  It was my out and out pleasure, to be able to talk to one of the raddest warriors of the road, Guitarist of DevilDriver, Neal Tiemann.  I have met oodles of “Rock Stars” in my 20 years in the music industry, so when I say this particular axe slinger, is one of the niftiest humans I have ever interviewed, I mean it.  I caught up with Neal in La Crosse WI, during a DevilDriver show and got to have a titillating chat.  I’ll give you the scoop on why I say this, quite simply, the dude is beyond badass.

Reasons why I say Neal is badass?? Because Skullgurl said it’s so, my little metal miscreants!!
Seriously though, here are a few reasons:
Reason #1- He’s a metalhead ginger, just like yours truly. 
Reason #2 – Neal is a creative genius on the fret board. 
Reason #3 -Dude tours with one of the most musically solid Nu Metal bands of this century.
Reason #4- He picked the song “Mama I’m coming home ” by Ozzy as the theme song to his life.  (Want to know why? Watch the video!) 

Neal dished to me about the new DevilDriver album, future tour plans, picking porn star names, and other wicked groovy stuff.  “What wicked groovy stuff, Skullgurl?” you may be wondering.  Watch the interview and broaden your knowledge.

I have an extra special treat for you Metal Minions, a chance to win a physical copy of “Trust No One”, that I lovingly had all members of DevilDriver sign.  In order to be entered into the drawing, you must answer this question “What did Neal say was the weirdest thing he has ever ate/drank”.  The answer is in the video.  Please message your answer to our Facebook Page, winner will be contacted on 9-15-17.

DevilDriver continues to be on tour, and that means you still have a chance to get your fanny perpendiculars out, and see the amazeballs guitarist, with his equally amazeballs band mates.  Now, stop dawdling, click on the links to enter the world of DevilDriver….and as always, BE THE METAL!!!

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1 Comment on Interview with Neal Tiemann of DevilDriver

  1. What a GREAT write up with a very cool Live interview included!!! I look forward to reading each of your pieces as they come out. The live interview was KICK ASS!!! You continue to be the most AMAZEBALLZ writer and a great live interview. I’m demanding WAY more of them on here. Keep up the brilliant work Skullgurl Metalchick!!! The circulation will continue to rise and it will be a force to be reckoned with, thanks to the metal QUEEN herself!!!

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