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By Samantha Schneider

Ryan Patrick said the name of Otherwise came to his brother Adrian in a dream. “Someone asked him what the bands name was in a dream and he said Otherwise. When he woke up, he let everyone know and everyone liked it, and that’s kind of what happened.”

Otherwise has given the world some awesome music. In 2014 the bands debut True Love Never Dies moved 60,000 copies. The band then toured with some bigger names, like Papa Roach, Three Days Grace and more. In 2014 the band also released some of their last music, until now.

Sleeping Lions is supposed to be everything the fans have been waiting for. They haven’t released anything for a little over three years, and they plan to bring it full force. Here is what Ryan Patrick has to say…

When did the band form?

“My brother and I have been together our entire lives, so it’s hard to say when we actually formed,” said Ryan Patrick. “Maybe when I was born, I don’t know. “

Did you think that having an unlimited time for this album helped in producing this album?

“It was unlimited until it was time to get it finished. We were taking our sweet time with our producer, Bob Marlette, which is something that we did not do on True Love Never Dies or Peace at All Costs. It worked in our favor, because we were able to take time and really come (go?) through the songs and see what was right for them. After three full months and then getting into the fifth month of recording, you start to think, hey it’s time to wrap this up because we want to go tour, we want to make money and we want to get new music to our fans.”

Did you have enough material for another album or did you mainly spend time fine-tuning what you had?

“Our main focus was to fine tune this record, but we definitely had some songs that didn’t make the album, that we are excited about putting on the next one.”

Who are your influences and did you channel them on this new album?

“I definitely was raised on classical guitar and Spanish guitar, not so much the Metallica, Iron Maiden route but more so Bob Marley, Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots. Tom Morello is one of my favorite guitarists so yeah; I think some of the riffs that have taken place on the record definitely emulate the sound.”

For someone coming across this new album, that doesn’t really know you guys, what would you want them to know about the band?

“We are a testament to living the American dream. We have gone through a lot of trials and tribulations, to get to where we are, and we haven’t given up. We are actually having a lot of fun with this record, and we want people to be inspired and to live positively and live confidently when they hear our music.”

Does the name of the new album Sleeping Lions have any significance?

“The title of the record does have a lot of significance to my brother and the guys and I, and where we are at in our careers. The band Otherwise, has not released an album in over 3 years. We feel like we are sleeping lions you know? We went back and licked our wounds, and regrouped and now we are at this collection of songs that’s kind of a testament of waking up a pride of lions, and that’s something you might actually not want to do sometimes. We feel like we are the lions, that now have become alive and awake. That’s kind of what the album represents for us to go back out there and claim what is ours in the rock n’ roll battlefield.”

On the new album, do you think the sound is consistent or is it still a melting pot of sounds?

“I think it’s consistent in being a melting pot of sounds, we’ve always wanted to be the aggressive hard rock n’ roll act, that we are but also have sensitive, vulnerable songs, that your grandma can listen to. I think we definitely did that on this record. You know it’s a more refined and mature Otherwise. We are heavier when we need to be heavier, and we are soft when we need to be softer; that’s really what we are representing on this record.”

What is your favorite song on this new album?

“I would probably say… there was one that got added late in the fourth quarter called Won’t Stop, and that’s going to be the last track on the record, and that’s probably my favorite song. There is another one called Dead in the Air and I really like a song called Weapons. I really love playing that song live it’s a lot of fun!

Is there a memorable moment overall?

“I think that the opportunity to work with the new guys, Brian and Tony, and just really collaborate and have fun, and crack a lot of jokes, and be in Southern California. I think the whole experience was actually something that’s going to be very memorable to us, and something we will look back on with positive memories, for the rest of out lives. We are excited for the release on September 22, and that’s why we do this, you know, to get the music to as many people as possible. To have the opportunity to go and play the music, and to make a living doing it, you know there is nothing that we should be complaining about.”

On Spotify the single released was Suffer but the artist pick on Spotify was Angry Heart why is that the song you chose?

Angry Heart is our single at radio right now, because I feel like it’s the right song to come back out (with?) and let the world know we are here and ready to rock. It’s kind of like a coming out swinging, with one of our heavier tracks on the record, and I think a lot of people were waiting to hear this side of us.Suffer is one of our more alternative pop sensible tracks on the record, and we want to be able to showcase that dynamic of Sleeping Lions through these songs.”

What location are you most excited to play on your tour?

“I believe on October 23rd we are playing in New York City and I absolutely love that city, and adore playing the Big Apple, so its exciting to be back there. We get to do a lot of press; we meet the label and it’s just fun being in such a big metropolitan town so I’m excited to play New York City.

I believe we will be close to New Orleans around Halloween so that’s another one of my favorite cities.”

What was the most exciting part of the recording process for you?

“I think that working with a great producer and taking our time. I actually, personally had a lot more time in the studio than the other guys, mainly because I have a lot less responsibilities. I’m kind of nomadic, as far as that’s concerned, so I was really able to keep going back and hanging with the producer, mixing the record things, that we had decided on we would go back and change, and I got to be right there for it all, so that was probably the most exciting part, to be able to put in that extra effort and that extra bit of energy for the record.”

The new album Sleeping Lions will be released on September 22, 2017. Pre-orders are taking place on Lions is coming; Otherwise hopes you are ready!

1. Angry Heart
2. Sleeping Lions
3. Suffer
4. Nothing to Me
5. Weapons
6. Crocodile Tears
7. Close to the Gods
8. Dead in the Air
9. Beautiful Monster
10. Blame
11. Bloodline Lullaby

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