Johannesburg’s Truth & Its Burden release their new album “I Labour”

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Johannesburg’s Truth & Its Burden released their new album “I Labour” independantly on the 14th of July 2017.

truth and its burden 02We’ve all gone through extremely difficult times as a band and as individuals, all relative to each person and the circumstances surrounding life. I Labour is a deep, gritty look into failed friendships, broken dreams, incredible sacrifice and also recovery, finding faith and fulfilment in life. We’ve worked really hard alongside producer, Clinton Watts, to get a great sound and craft really strong ideas in studio, delivering what we feel is truly our finest work to date. We’re all so excited about sharing the new album with everyone and look forward to hopefully gaining newer fans who’d appreciate our change in sound and dynamic. We’re still a heavy band, we’re just a little more refined and the new album comfortably showcases this.” – Ashley De Beer / Vocal


One can describe Truth & Its Burden as brim-full of heart, hope, optimism and a fresh positive take on daily crisis. They’re constantly thinking of new ways to cement a positive attitude in the hearts of any person attending their shows or listening to their songs.

9 Years ago they started out as an idea, to bring a sincere message of hope, and to do so with a real sense of urgency. Those same ideals that gave life to this band, still chorus through in every song 9 years on.   To be aware, to challenge, to follow through, to ignite ideas into dreams, to re-invigorate life itself and to find meaning and purpose.  Finding a positive outlook to every disappointment life has on offer through perspective and self-discovery.


Band Members are:
Calvin Clayden – Guitar & Backing Vocals

Niekie van Nieker – Bass & Backing Vocals

Ashley De Beer – Vocals

Matt Sletcher – Drums

Erick Gerber – Guitar & Backing Vocals


To know more about the band, follow the links below:


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