Paris rockers, I am Fire release their 3rd single “All over You”

I am fire promo

We have it from the mouth of Jeff Rockoeur himself, the founder and visionary of the new, Paris based rock group I am Fire, how they came to be and some of what makes them the rockers they are today.

The concept behind the creation of I Am Fire:

“There were 2 specific events that led up to the creation of I Am Fire!
First, the death of Lemmy Kilmister (December 28th 2015), the legendary
leader of the mythical hard rock group Motörhead. No more Motörhead, what?!.
Second, the January 2nd 2017 “Rock Or Bust” AC/DC concert in Paris at the Stade de France.
I was working late that night. As I was heading home on the subway after my shift, I was surprised
(and delighted) to discover that the train was packed with AC/DC fans! Hundreds of people,
of every generation, wearing the band’s T-shirts and Angus Young’s flashing red plastic horns on top
of their head ( I am a big AC/DC fan). I tough to myself “ Waow! These great old bands, that
everyone still loves (me included), are slowly fading out of the picture and there isn’t really anyone
to take over after them (Brian Johnson forced to retire for health reasons and who knows what’s
happening with the guys from Motley Crüe and how long Guns’n’Roses is going to last?)!
That night in Paris, on the subway heading for the suburbs, I came up with the very basic concept of I Am Fire: a modern outfit (with a double drum kick and a stronger metal sound), which sound would
be influenced by all the great “classic” hard rock acts and which, like them, would aim to be a “larger than life” band. In fact, I Am Fire would like to bring “rock” and the Rock Star Concept back!”


PS: I actually met Lemmy in Paris a few years ago. When I was in LA, I also met Robert Plant,
Mick Mars, Steve Harris, Rob Trujillo, Chester Bennington, etc… But that’s another story…

No, rock is not dead!!


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For more on the band follow links below:


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