Sleeping Lions is on The Prowl

by Samantha Schneider

Otherwise is a band based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. They have waited 3 years to release their new album Sleeping Lions. This hard rock album integrates heavy rock and softer rock creating an album that’s diverse enough for everyone.

For brothers Adrian and Ryan Patrick it’s hard to acknowledge when the band officially formed. Being brothers they were raised playing music together. Ryan Patrick said, “I was raised on classical guitar and Spanish guitar” their influences play a role in the culturally diverse sound of Otherwise.

The band released their first album in 2006 titled Otherwise. Some other albums include Peace At All Costs; Enjoy the Pain, and True Love Never. Some of their popular songs include Soldiers, Angry Heart, Die for You and more. I think their new album showcases a more grownup version of the band. Their sound maintains the same elements however it isn’t as heavy. It’s more enjoyable for people that may have not been interested in their sound before.

I asked Ryan Patrick in our interview if the name of the new album had any significance. He explained it is metaphoric, in the sense that the band themselves were Sleeping Lions. “ We feel like we are the lions that now have to become alive and awake. That’s kind of what the album represents for us to go back out there and claim what is ours in the rock n’ roll battlefield.”

“Suffer” and “Won’t Stop” are the singles released along side the bands song choice, “Angry Heart”. Each song is pretty awesome and really shows the bands potential. Angry Heart is heavy and catchy. It was a smart decision for them to release songs that are so different from each other. The band came out swinging and they nailed it! Some of the lyrics are dark, however I found that they are really relatable.

“Sleeping Lions” really plays into the idea of being a lion with wordplay like the hunter dies, don’t wake sleeping lions and others.

One of Ryan’s favorites on the album is “Weapons”. For me it has a nice intro with hints of blues. The darker lyrics “Let me be the one to pull the trigger, let me be the one to take the bullet” broke out into a faster paced song. I can see why this is one of his favorites.

“Dead in the Air” was one of my personal favorites. It reminded me of the Red Hot Chili Peppers with somewhat smothered vocals and funky guitar.

Providing me with hints of techno was “Beautiful Monster”. It was an odd type of remix that breaks into heavy rock. It’s a song about loving someone that takes everything from you. He knows what she did but she doesn’t want to be saved.

“Blame” was one song that I’m not sure if I liked. The intro just didn’t do it for me. However it did have a more cultural sounding guitar. The slower pace song did tie into the musical roots that Ryan discussed with me previously. I respect the song choice and appreciate its diversity but it felt a little out of place.

I think 10 out of 11 songs are pretty good odds. “Crocodile Tears” and “Close to the Gods” are some other songs that I really enjoyed. I can’t choose a set favorite when they are all catchy.

I think that this album is great. It’s one of my favorite Otherwise albums because it felt like they brought everything they had to the table. I heard their melting pot of sounds and their influences and the music they were raised on. I felt happiness and sadness, heard soft and heavy sound and overall it created a great album. 10/10

1. Angry Heart
2. Sleeping Lions
3. Suffer
4. Nothing to Me
5. Weapons
6. Crocodile Tears
7. Close To The Gods
8. Dead In The Air
9. Beautiful Monster
10. Blame
11. Bloodline Lullaby

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