36 Crazyfists Brock Lindow talks about new album

36 Crazyfists
Brock Lindow


If anyone knows me they know this band has gotten me through some hard times and I have had the honor of calling these guys friends over the years. So, after 23 years together Here I am again getting the chance to sit down with vocalist and friend Brock Lindow when he came to town with the rest of the guys to play Fete Music Hall in Providence, Rhode Island on Oct 5th, 2017 for the band’s headline show.

Got the chance to chat about the new album LANTERNS, the past 23 years and his memories of this whole crazy journey of 36 CRAZYFISTS. Enjoy this raw and casual chat with a really special human being.



Facebook: @36crazyfists

Instagram: @36crazyfistsofficial

Twitter: @36CF

You can also check out the album review here at Uncivil Revolt: http://www.uncivilrevolt.com/2017/09/album-review-36-crazyfists/


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