Album Review: Devil, Time to Repent

By Andy Thunders

“Time to Repent,” is the debut album of Norwegian doomsters Devil. In 2011 this record was released, as a quasi-concept album. The band took notes from Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Witchfinder General, and Saint Vitus. Focusing on curses, and an occult theme, with witches and damnation steady, this album is pretty classic and impressive. Very raw production, not a bad thing, it’s pure. They have the bluesy realm of early Sabbath on “Break the Curse,” which is an upbeat, bluesy waltz song, going on a about “true love’s kiss won’t break the curse I know”, makes for a great introduction.

The next track, “Blood is Boiling,” begins with an awesome riff, and lyrics about being haunted at night by a witch he saw burnt at the stake, that he loved. So catchy though. The title track of the album, has a great fucking riff, a great hook, and fantastic lyrics.

The thing about these guys is, as simple as the songs are, you kind of feel like you’re in medieval times if you allow your mind to drift with the music. They build that kind of atmosphere and vibe, screaming WITCHES ON FIRE! It’s brilliant, really.

“Crazy Woman,” is a more upbeat song, with a chorus of “She will never let you down, she can wrap her legs around a snake,” which is a fucking fantastic line. These guys are raw, and have the right grooves. Next, “Open Casket” starts with a riff similar to that in “Symptom of The Universe” by Black Sabbath, it is quite a great headbanger. Catching a hint of Venom here. “Death of A Sorcerer,” is kind of similar to Candlemass, with softer medieval parts, but played with a bit more folky feel. It’s a great song, one of my favorites on the record. “At the Blacksmith’s” almost sounds like an outtake from Black Sabbath’s 1970 debut album. It’s a heavy, bluesy, doomy, smoke-filled riff. “Howling (At the World)” is another example of a great riff and a groove.

This production is so raw it’s lovely, and damning. When this album came out, they opened for Electric Wizard, and you can see the fitting of the bill.

1. The Welcome (Intro)

2. Break the Curse

3. Blood Is Boiling

4. Time to Repent

5. Crazy Woman

6. Open Casket

7. Death of a Sorcerer

8. At the Blacksmith’s

9. Howling (At the World)

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