Album Review: Devil’s Din, One Hallucination Under God

By Andy Thunder

“One Hallucination Under God,” by A Devil’s Din is a fantastic, hard, fuzzy, psychedelic rock album, which was released September 29th, this year. Starts off with a fuzzy, floated track called “Home,” which is reminiscent of early Pink Floyd, a bit heavier, but it sounds whimsical and floaty, with Moody Blues like vocal harmonies, and a groovy, pulsating and fuzzy bass, under the very fuzzy guitars, its fuzz heaven here, floating on a psychedelic cloud. Some nice old school, watery sounding keyboards go on in the background. This is a phenomenally groovy start to the record, man. Tight musicianship, great songwriting, and it’s so damn vibey.

A musical kaleidoscope of beautiful tie-dyed skies and diamonds for stars. “Who You Are,” starts with a soft acoustic coming into the fold, and the mellotron going, bongo drums, this a spacey acoustic hippie number, it is hypnotic and really catches you, and sucks you in. If you are under the right substances, or if you can get naturally high, you can have a calm, peaceful spiritual experience to this song. The whimsical lyrics and the melodies are also very beautiful. It’s like Syd Barrett meets the Beatles. The best part is the fresh, crisp newness, with a hint of familiarity. More authentic and artistic than anything many have to offer today. Flower power never really did die, that free, natural spirit of the psychedelic sixties is still around.

“Where Do We Go,” starts with an upbeat acoustic riff, with some high hat action, the bass starts to thump along, nice and ratty bass sound there, and some clean psychedelic guitars with a slide come in. Philosophical lyrics, done in a psychedelic, blues vibe, that is reminiscent of Cream, and a little grungy sound too, a little like Mudhoney. This band knows how to groove, and how to vibe, rather well. I feel like you can get a contact high, just listening to this album, which is quite nice. I can hear a lot of Syd Barrett influence on this too, which is great to hear in 2017.

“One Hallucination Under God,” the title track, starts with a wah infused guitar riff, with organ, and the bass comes in, delivering a going down the rabbit hole, sonic vibe, and you can’t help but groove to it, its gorgeously hypnotic, and anthemic in the same way White Rabbit is, but in a more danceable rhythm. A very nice guitar solo that just rips, man. Some trippy sound clips that sounds like it’s from the Twilight Zone. The song then goes back into that groovy riff, with hand claps, and kicks back in.

“Sea of Time,” begins with waves crashing, and some guitar, that fades in ringing, playing this groovy riff, and the slide is heard in the background. Acoustic comes to the forefront with some keyboards, which has a very Pink Floyd vibe to it. Then the bass comes in with a straight up Yardbirds like bassline, and it sounds incredible. There is an incredible guitar solo, reeking of David Gilmour influence, it’s so eloquently done. This is the most legitimately psychedelic rock sounding record since the late 60’s early 70s, no joke. Done in such a fresh way, I really hope these guys go as stratospheric as their music. It’s cosmic rock n’ roll, man.

“Evolution,” starts with a vocal melody that sounds like the early 60’s, with these fuzzy guitars. A little bit of a surf vibe, and it is absolutely brilliant. A Byrds like chorus, and just so must excitement contained in one song. In the middle there’s a cosmic drum circle like vibe, and a tribal bass line comes in, and a feedback drenched guitar is off in the distance crashing into the ground, then it comes back to that beautiful chorus. “Eternal Now,” begins with a nice 60’s mod kind of riff, pounding drums and ratty bass. Some Zombies like harmonies here, this could be in a James Bond or Austin Powers film, it’s so swinging 60’s. A sweet, fuzzy, overdriven guitar solo, to break it up a bit, nicely done, but not overly done.

“Brave New World,” starts out with a vibey jam sound, and it all comes at once. This has an Animals like vibe, with a mix of the punchiness of The Who. Very riff filled, and very powerful.  The final track, “Nearly Normal” begins with drums, and a sweet late 60’s fuzzy guitar riff, and organ. Amazing stuff, honestly. This album, is definitely one of my favorites, such lush harmonies, and groovy, trippy rock n roll. Seriously, haven’t heard anything like this since the early 70’s, at least this authentic. Top notch band. Love it.

1. Eternal Now
2. Brave New World
3. Nearly Normal
4. Home
5. Who You Are
6. Where Do We Go?
7. One Hallucination Under God
8. Sea of Time
9. Evolution

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