Album Review: Vehement, Ashes

by Sass_Metal

Vehement’s new release is one I’ve been looking forward to, since I found I was going to be in the UK for Mammothfest, and that there was going to be a band having their release at the show. I wish I had been able to publish this review sooner but with 26 hours of travel to get to the UK at least I had plenty of brutal music to Enjoy…. even if I couldn’t get up and head bang in the aisle of the airplane.

Vehement’s new release “Ashes” starts how any Black Metal recording should, with one of the most perfectly dark, atmospheric, pure blissful, ambient intros to an album I’ve heard in ages! (Are those enough descriptive words for you? Hehe, to simply say I enjoyed it, would be too much of an understatement.) ‘Far below Us’ is one, I think is the perfect start to an album, it is pure, raw darkness. I love how clear and loud the kick drums are, they mix very well with the driving guitars and one of the grimmest black metal voices ever!

The title track ‘Ashes’ is next, again with an amazing introduction! This time it’s less dark and atmospheric, but very cleverly done, almost teasing with clean slow guitar tone and complex clear drum beat. Then it’s back to the dark brooding atmosphere of the first track, with grim vocals and distorted guitars. I can’t wait to see them live! This is a song for lovers of all subgenres of heavy metal, not just black metal! It is a very technical song with vocal effects, changing time signatures, driving guitars and those drums!! I can tell why this is the signature track.

Following on is ‘Carapace’ which again goes in another direction to the previous tracks. This one also features keys, and is one of the most haunting songs I enjoyed and heard in ages. James aka “Xysor” vocals gave me Goosebumps! Often clean vocals don’t work in this genre of music and often vocalists can only growl, but James has a truly stunning voice, this song is beautiful and is the perfect intro to the next track “Thematic.” “Thematic” goes back to the same style as the first one, with the raw power Vehement so perfectly portrays in this release. The only other Black Metal release I’ve heard this good this year is Belphegor’s newest release.

‘Burdens Roots’ and “The turn of the Passage” again exhibit the pure, raw, musical genius of the members Xysor, Wraith, Ohtar and Andras. While I loved all of the songs on this album, I think the crowning beauty is the 10 minute, epic final track ‘Tidal Verse.’

‘Tidal Verse’ has the best drum line I’ve heard and enjoyed all year and I reviewed over 30 bands live and at least 10 releases globally this year alone. How anyone can maintain those kicks for that long gone can’t be human! Andras must at least be part demon or machine. I love how Vehement has two vocalists, it adds so much to their unique sound as harmonies aren’t very common in  this genre of music. I don’t often rate guitars, as the rhythm section, is always where my attention gets drawn to, but this song has the perfect blend of driving guitars tones, singing soaring solos, mixed in with the masterful bass, drums and vocals. Part way through writing this review I received their set list for their release show and I actually fist pumped the air, after finding out this is one of the songs they will be performing. All of the songs take the listener on a journey but this track is pure Black Metal mastery.

‘Ashes’ will be available after Vehement’s release show this Friday at Mammothfest . Vehement are opening the festival, and with this quality recording I can’t wait to 6pm Friday! Follow their Facebook page for digital links to the album, you won’t be disappointed.

1. Far Below Us
2. Ashes
3. Carapace
4. Thematic
5. Burden’s Root
6. The Turn Of Passage
7. Tidal Verse

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