Out with Ambler covers The Blue Ridge Rock Festival

Blue ridge mountain festival

Blue Ridge Rock Festival
Concord, Virginia
September 8th and 9th 2017

On the first weekend of September a Rock ‘n Roll show rolled in to the sleepy little community of Concord Virginia. The Blue Ridge Rock Festival is in town!
Grapes on the vine surrounded a crowd of rock and metal lovers as they gathered to bang their heads, mosh and throw horns at Devault Vineyards, the host location for this great event from Lynchburg Concerts. There was cold beer, hard cider, great wine and amazing Sangria from Devault vineyards themselves. BBQ, burgers, funnel cakes along with all sorts of great food offerings were to be enjoyed.
The Friday night pre-party featured progressive rock Vegan Llamas, Christian metal powerhouse BoughtXBlood, Octane heavy hitters Fire From The Gods, super group Powerflo, fan favorite Alien Ant Farm and the always incredible P.O.D. Every band put on a great performance as the small pre-party crowd filled up their socials telling their friends what a great time they were missing out on if they weren’t there!
By Saturday word must have really gotten around about this great time, as approximately six thousand people decided to come out for the party! Local bands Media Downfall, Last Nights Villain and Gypsy Road started the day off for this dual stage festival. Next we had some killer regional acts like Shun The Raven, Something Clever and Reliance Code. Midday the National acts took hold with bands such as Saving Abel, Saliva, Drowning Pool, Sick Puppies, Texas Hippie Coalition and many more. The main event of this evening was Scot Stapp, The Voice Of Creed. I spoke with Scott by phone a week prior to this show and reminded him that this area had never gotten the opportunity to see Creed and that there were some huge fans that were totally thrilled that he was bringing his show to us. He seemed humbled by the love I expressed to him that I had witnessed in the social media posts from area fans, and he promised a great show for them. It certainly was.
For those diehards that STILL hadn’t had enough, there was an after party on the grounds with local band Hateful Bones, followed by Tantric and Orgy. Sadly, Orgy wasn’t able to finish their set due to the 1 A.M. noise curfew, but fans loved them, nonetheless.
One of the great things about the day was the ease at which the many rock stars were simply walking around, meeting and greeting with anyone who stopped them! I saw fan after fan after fan posing for pictures with artists and getting their autograph. But as with any first yea festival, it was not without problems, but lessons were learned and next year will be even better.

Out With Ambler

The following slideshow is just a sample of some of the great work from Out with Ambler.

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Below are links to the full photo collections for each band: 

Fire From The Gods photo collection

POD photo Collection

Powerflow photo collection

Vegan Llamas photo collection

Hateful Bones photo collection

Orgy photo collection

Tantric photo collection

Adema photo collection

Crazy Town photo collection

Drowning Pool photo collection

Everlast photo collection

Gypsy Road photo collection

Hed PE photo collection

LNV photo collection

Media Downfall photo collection

Moonshine Bandits photo collection

Reliance Code photo collection

Saliva photo collection

Saving Abel photo collection

Sick Puppies photo collection

Something Clever photo collection

Stapp photo collection

Texas Hippie Coalition photo collection

Trapt photo collection


Follow the link to the official Facebook page of The Blue Ridge Music festival 2017, where you will find links to the bands’ official pages.


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