Fan Edtitorial on Atlantic Records

So, Atlantic Records decided to take a huge dump on their musical legacy by signing this obnoxious no talent little twat with a last name that sounds like it belongs on a jar of spaghetti sauce.I’d much rather have the sauce.At least a sauce would be contributing something positive to society. Atlantic Records has given us: Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin, INXS, ABBA, Albert King, Percy Sledge, Average White Band, AC/DC and so much more. Why oh why would they consciously contribute to the further dumbing down of a potential audience who have precious little knowledge, as it is, of the artists mentioned above.


The music industry, it would appear, doesn’t have much faith in the younger audience’s ability to discern quality from drivel such as this.Because of this lack of faith,Rock n Roll is on life support.
I know a 13 year old girl who just told me she just listened to Paranoia and Iron Man by the mighty Black Sabbath and liked it! I was blown away.My respect for this girl went through the roof.This same 13 year old likes vintage Corvettes and ‘57 Chevys.I strongly suspect she’s not the only one of her age that would appreciate quality Rock n Roll.Jesus,even some old school punk would be preferable.
The old boy is right.


It’s time for the music industry as a whole,not just Atlantic Records to really examine what it has become: needless purveyors of banal dross that caters to those with the IQ of an onion.Music has the ability to raise said IQ’s,get people thinking and most importantly still make money!


How is it that Sabbath, The Who, The Stones, Deep Purple, Tom Petty and pretty much every band being played on every classic rock station in the country and probably around the world is still able to pull in huge audiences? There is still a massive demand for good old fashioned blues based Rock n Roll.The audience is built in.So why not encourage up and coming musicians,bands,singer songwriters of all ages and genres by giving them the same opportunities given to little miss spaghetti sauce,who has fuck all life experience,has nothing of any interest to say and,frankly,is as annoying as a thousand flea bites to my scrotum. Please don’t sell young people short by denying them the experience of listening to and most importantly the possibility of maybe making a career out of playing quality music.
Uncivil Revolt said in a previous article it’s time for the music industry to split. I’d go one further and say divorce.
Those of us who  listen to and appreciate quality music as well as those of us who enjoy singing and playing quality music,deserve our own space.There is money to be made,there is an audience but is there the will?
For the record I also listen to Alternative, Baroque, Metal, BeBop,90’s Hip Hop. I’m a bassist and sometime producer
As for Miss Spaghetti sauce, even though I’m not the demographic, Nah.I don’t think so,nothing to see here.



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  1. Agreed! I was blessed with a Rock&Roll loving father who played as much Judas Priest and The Doors as he played Vicente Fernandez and Mana. We really have to mind the crap we watch on the internet because those numbers are basically what companies react to. Tons of idiots lounging around liking crap videos is making people like “Cashmeouside Girl” filthy rich, and makes other folks want to invest and grow their money with them. But Atlantic Records, you deserve a dip in stocks for this move.

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