Reign Of Vengence Announce The Release Of Their New EP The Final Aeon For All Humans.

Death Metallers Reign of Vengeance announce their new EP The Final Aeon For All Humans.

The Final Aeon For All Humans is an EP that is both musically and lyrically styled to narrate through a “fictional” depiction of class warfare if it were to transpire in our modern world. This Ep takes a dual perspective lyrically including that of the common man as well as the Occultist Elite. This EP is best listened to in its entirety from start to finish, playing through like a blood soaked and very brutal musical. This album is loaded with true and mysterious-esoteric theology, American “conspiracy theories”, revelation interpretations, and (most importantly)- gore, blood, brutality, and violence.

CAUTION TO THE WEAK AT HEART AND NOT SOUND OF MIND- “The Final Aeon For All Humans.” EP will twist the contents within your cranial cavity.

The Final Aeon For All Humans also features Reign Of Vengeance’s new vocalist The Illuminated Man, who replaces prior vocalist Marshall Beck

From a parallel Universe dominated by hidden histories, money, worshipping evil, and centralizing power to scourge against all life and mankind comes… “The Final Aeon For All Humans.-The Illuminated Man Vocalist

Reign Of Vengeance have released a trailer for The Final Aeon For All Humanswhich can be seen here:


1. Fuck The Recession: Kill Those Who Caused It
2. Amassing Towards The Truth
3. The Master’s Summons
4. The Grade Hecatomb
5. The Final Stand: The Final Rebellion
6. The Final Aeon: The Manifestation of The Black Sun

Pre-Order the Album HERE

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