Song Review: “Suffocate” By David Curtis

Probably the most satisfying part of music is trying to understand the narrative behind an artist’s song. When a musician shares an intimate part of their life, I can’t help myself to gravitate towards their words. Rather it’s relevant or not, I love feeling that emotion conveyed through poetry. One artist, in particular, I know personally who isn’t afraid to get walk that thin line and be exposed is David Curtis.

David, who resides in Cleveland, Ohio, released his new one, two punch rock ballad single entitled, “Suffocate” from his upcoming “Precious Memories” album. Since I was able to create the artwork for the “Precious Memory” album, I was able to get a front row seat to what David was feeling when he wrote “Suffocate”. It’s not too hard to grasp the concept to this heartbreak love song, but what made this song so amazingly beautiful was his vulnerability. The newly released video, directed by Josh Emerick, opens the sensual scene with a white feather on a nightstand. David sits at the foot of his bed, shirtless, empty and merely wondering what has become of this “love”. A downward spiral of emotions and the question “why”, floating at the pinnacle of his head.

Go check out the new single and video below.

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