Budweiser presents NOVA REX

Budweiser presents NOVA REX …formed in 1985, the band that has brought you 32 years of kick ass rock-n-roll. NOVA REX has been featured in the hilarious hair metal documentary, “Nova Rex: Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy”, which has been seen by millions on Documentary Channel and Netflix. They have also been featured in a new film, “Hair I Go Again” with members of Warrant, Tesla, Quiet Riot, etc. Being ranked in the top 50 of the Greatest Hair Bands of the 80’s by VH-1, you don’t want to miss this! Now with their brand new highly anticipated album release, “Nova Rex: Rock Star Roadshow” hitting the airwaves, NOVA REX brings the ultimate rock show to you!

Kenny Wilkerson from the band, Nova Rex reached out to Uncivil Revolt.  They just celebrated our 32nd year.  They are currently on tour playing such events as Rocklahoma, Rockin’ the Rivers, 80s in the Park, Gasparilla Fest, Sturgis, Daytona BikeWeek, to name a few. They’ve play over 100 shows a year!

A few years back, they released a documentary, “Nova Rex: Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy”, that received multiple plays on the Documentary channel and had a short run on Netflix and has been seen by millions of people which is available at all the major retail outlets (Walmart, Target, Amazon, Etc.).  The last couple of years have been very productive for Nova Rex.  They have a National sponsorship with Anheuser-Busch and they played over 100 shows last year – every rock festival, bike week event in the states and the band is currently on the road FULL-TIME.

In recent news, They are featured in a new film called “Hair I Go Again”, which is premiering in theaters.  It features members of Warrant, Quiet Riot, Tesla, Motley Crue, etc. plus one of their songs and they made the DVD cover.  Also, VH1 ranked them #48 out of 100 greatest hair metal bands of the 80s.  They are also featured in the Smithsonian representing the 80s metal music genre (which Kenny Wilkerson’s mom really liked that one!) as well as the Hard Rock Collection.

After seven albums and countless compilations they have just released a new music video and constantly on the road.  If you look at everything they have accomplished on their own over the past few years, they think you will be impressed.

Here are some fun links that you should find interesting.

* VH1 just ranked Nova Rex #48 out of 100 Greatest Glam Bands from the 80’s! HERE

*Nova Rex immortalized in American History HERE


For more Live performances and TV interviews just Google/Youtube the band!

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