By Stephanie Stevens

Going into tonight’s show I was not really totally pumped up about it. I’ll be honest I saw DOPE back in 1999-2000 when the band’s debut album came out “FELONS AND REVOLUTIONARIES” and since then never saw them again. SO, I wasn’t sure if they had evolved in their stage presence, or if they were going to be the same old DOPE from that era of music. I had given the new album “BLOOD MONEY” a spin and was fairly impressed with most of the tracks on the disc. So, all in all, at least I would enjoy a lot of new stuff, if that was all they were going to give.

To my surprise I was highly intrigued through the band’s set. They sounded on point. Edsel sounded really good and the stage show was pretty “Dope” with a bunch of huge screens spewing out crazy affects and lyrics and movie snippets. The guys did a good array of new to old tracks like “BLOOD MONEY,” “DIE MOTHERFUCKER DIE,” “BITCH,”and the highly loved cover of Billy Idol’s “REBEL YELL”; were some of the highlights of the evening. Edsel had a good blend of talking about current events happening in life and kind of was the crowd’s therapist that night (not to sound weird but he told it how it was dealing with depression or anxiety…thumbs up to his thoughts)

The band has taken their elements of industrial-esque, nu metal hard rock and kept it signature; but bringing a harder edgier, dirtier and more substantial sound into 2017. Their live show displays excellent energy, great interaction with the crowd and is visually fun to watch. If they are coming to a town near you it’s a definite show to check out!

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