GWAR Lets The Blood Flow at the Fonda Theatre

By Matt “Rabit” Martinez, Red Hare Images

Millions of years ago, Earth was visited by aliens. These “scumdogs” were banished to our planet by the Master for being intergalactic fuck-ups. According to their lore, upon the aliens’ arrival to our planet, they had helped to create the human race.  They shaped the way the world developed, coerced the flow of history, and eventually created the rock band GWAR. Dedicated to their fallen comrade and original singer Oderus Urungus, they now travel among the Bloods of the Gods Tour and bring along with them the maniacs known as Ghoul, He is Legend, and U.S. Bastards. During this night at the Fonda Theatre, blood was flowing through the crowd and spewing out of every orifice of every creature on stage.

Opening the night is the self-proclaimed loudest rock band in Richmond, the U.S. Bastards which was helmed by the madman on guitar and vocals, Brent Purgason. Right off the bat it is easy to see the Motorhead inspired style of the band.  Especially when it came to Purgason who was channeling Lemmy throughout the entire show, from his mutton chops to having the mic positioned above his head, requiring him to reach his neck out to sing into the microphone. They may classify themselves as rock and roll but there are definitely heavy aspects of thrash metal present. As bassist John Kelly and drummer Jeremy Dutra both kept a ferocious beat throughout each song, the thrashing rhythm enthralled the crowd to start crashing into one another. With songs like “Digging Your Own Grave” and “You’re Fucked,” U.S. Bastards were a great start to the night that let patrons know they were in for a raunchy night ahead of them. I do applaud Brent Purgason for pulling double duty as he also portrayed Pustulus Maximus later in the night with GWAR.

Full U.S. Bastards slideshow below:

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Following that ferociousness is a band that had a very unique tone setting them apart. He Is Legend jumped in on the tail end of the tour replacing Doyle. Fronted by Schuylar Croom who had a very 1960s swagger to him, Croom danced and swayed across the stage capturing the attention of every audience member in attendance that evening. Playing songs off of their newest album Few like “Jordan” and “Sand”, He is Legend, an alternative rock band, fit nicely into the bill. Closing out their set with “I am Hollywood,” known to be one of their heavier songs, the crowd then gravitated towards head-banging their skulls to the beat.

Full He is Legend slideshow below:

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Starting the blood flow for the evening was Ghoul, a group of mask-wearing maniacs that hail from Creepsylvania. They started their set off with the song “Ghoulunatics” which is also what they refer to their fans as. Right off the bat, Ghoul brought the thrash metal to the Fonda and opened up a large ferocious mosh pit. Along with the masks and costumes, Ghoul brings with them a shock rock style show bringing characters and props to the stage like the mayor of Creepsylvania and a voodoo witch doctor to curse the citizens of the Fonda. Definitely do not expect to just sit and watch the show, this is an audience participation event so get ready to be covered in blood as it is spewed across the audience. Slicing open the characters on stage, ripping the head off of a chicken, or just firing blood out of a gun, Ghoul doused the audience in blood. Closing out their set with “Abominox” a giant rock-type monster came out to try and eat the band members. Managing to play their instruments and fight off this creature at the same time, the boys of Ghoul stood victorious in the end.

Full Ghoul slideshow below:

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Finally, the scumdogs of the universe were ready to take the stage. GWAR touched down at the Fonda Theatre and with them they siphoned gallons of blood. After the unfortunate demise of Oderus Urungus, this rag tag group of misfits is now helmed by The Berserker Blothar, with giant antlers jutting out the back of him, and four penises as he opened the set with the song “War on GWAR.” With the help of bassist and heaviest scumbag, Beefcake the Mighty, they killed two scientists trying to investigate the aliens by decapitating them.  This caused blood to spatter out into the audience like a Quentin Tarantino movie, enveloping the front row in blood. As they moved into their second song “Hail, Genocide!”, out stepped guitarist Bälsäc The Jaws ‘O Death, standing 22 1/2 hands tall with giant metal jaws of death mouth for a head. Accompanying him was fellow axe man Pustulus Maximus with a Flying V guitar and literal axe for a weapon. Behind the drum kit was the dog headed Jizmak Da Gusha.

There’s a certain saying in the nerd culture that the average anime character holds 65 gallons of blood. Well, those characters were put to shame by the amount of blood that spewed out from any character that meets their demise on a GWAR stage. From the two scientists killed in the opening of the show, we were introduced to a slew of different characters and creatures including a ball sack that was sliced open, a priest who was molested by his own cross, and Donald Trump who was gutted during the song “El Presidente,” allowing Blothar the ability to run for office. GWAR is an in-your-face concept and show that isn’t afraid to cross any line for entertainment. If you are easily offended, this is not a show that you should go to. However, if you enjoy blood and non-PC actions, I would highly recommend seeking out the next GWAR show when it comes around.

Full GWAR slideshow below:

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The Bloods of the Gods Tour roared through LA at the Fonda Theatre and brought four of the rowdiest bands touring these days. U.S. Bastards and He is Legend got the chaos started and gave a little taste to what madness lay ahead. Ghoul wet the thirst of everyone with a giant serving of blood flow and stage theatrics. It wasn’t until GWAR landed that the debauchery truly began. Majority of the audience had actually dressed in all white clothing in anticipation of the blood that was about to be spilt. Audience members wanted their deep blood stains to stand as an initiation into the union of the life through the crimson red juice that runs through every human on the planet. As the people slowly started leaving the theatre bathed in red blood, you could see that their thirst was only temporarily satisfied. The addictive need to replenish would soon come the next time GWAR comes through town…ready to bathe in even more satiable blood.

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