A Night of Metal

By Rob Chaoz

The day starts off like any other day…with too much work to do. We all had metal on our minds, but as the five o’clock hour came about, I started getting very excited.

Tonight we rage!! Tonight we celebrate “A Night of Metal”

A night of metal https://www.facebook.com/events/474383342924740/  was put together in in Lynchburg, Virginia, organized by the Georgia Metal Alliance – Virginia Chapter  www.georgiametalalliance.com. This show had been put together about three months in advance and we had a couple of very talented bands on the roster. Local to Lynchburg, the metal cover/original band Mourn The Illusion https://www.facebook.com/mourntheillusion/ was setting up as the fans were showing up. UNDRASK https://www.facebook.com/undrask/ was in route from North Carolina and the last time these guys came to town we were blown away at the musicianship and quality of their set. We could not wait for them to play in Lynchburg. Previously they visited The Q in Roanoke, Virginia to play another GMA sponsored event. It was great seeing these guys again.

Mourn the Illusion brings a solid variety of music that is easy on the ears and keeps the momentum moving forward. The band is currently in Camo Studios https://www.facebook.com/Camo-Studios-844680235593162/ with engineer Zeek Stanley working on recording the first set of original material to date. Many local musicians and fans have been looking forward to this release. Here is a first look at one of their tunes!  “Infected” https://www.reverbnation.com/q/72e7jb

One of the greatest aspects of local music scenes such as the one in Lynchburg Virginia, is the support system of other working musicians. They show up and make guest appearances with other bands, really showing the brotherhood and true friendship that keeps the music flowing each weekend.

One guest vocalist who stopped by to share the stage was Mr. Andy Henson (Vocals and guitar player for “Last Nights Villain” https://www.facebook.com/LastNightsVillain/). Last Nights Villain is a hard working and very talented band hailing from Lynchburg who recently opened the Blue Ridge rock festival. https://www.facebook.com/BlueRidgeRockFest/

Andy really belts out a great song and turns a few heads in the process. This guy is a local veteran of the Lynchburg circuit and has been involved in the creation and leadership of many local projects. Andy has a powerful singing voice and a seasoned stage presence. He’s a great musician to watch and is curretly working on some original music in the studio as well!

The night progresses with plenty of heavy metal, viking themed drinking, nonsensical mindless indulgance and great food pouring from the kitchen of The Stoney Badger https://www.facebook.com/stoneybadgertavern/ to fill our bellies. The Stoney Badger  has a great two-sided location that serves as a quiet food stop and a bar side that caters to all genres of entertainment. One night you will have a great cover band, the next an open mic night and of course shows like “A Night of Metal.”

Towards the end of their set, like many times before, Jeremy, Matt and Diggy invited me to join them on stage for a quick cover song. Tonight they decided to do “Before I forget” by Slipknot with myself on the vocals. Check out the video below to see how it all went down.

The focus of the evening and the reason we were all so excited, was that our friends UNDRASK were back to rock our neck of the woods and it is nothing but a great time hanging with these incredibly talented musicians. They put so much effort and energy into the set it’s hard not to automatically find yourself captivated when they play.

Click below and enjoy a great music video release from this “Viking Metal” band you probably have never heard of.

Steve Wynn – Vocals
Darryl Dewitt – Rythym Guitar
Erik Collier – Lead Guitars
Aaron Schimmer – Drums
Daneil McCoy – Bass guitar

UNDRASK is the kind of band that takes the stage and automatically every eye in the room is watching them. They are skilled, fun to hang out with and most certainly humble in the way they carry themselves, considering every one of them plays their instruments as if they were born with them in their hands.

Be on the lookout east coast viking metal fans, UNDRASK is a force to be reckoned with and are very likely coming to a town near you. This band is tight in it’s performance. They have great professional merchandise including some images taken by great east coast photographer Gary Carota from Gary Carota Images !https://www.facebook.com/garycarotaimages/
Keep an eye out for announcements.

Georgia Metal Alliance International Heavy Metal Club is a heavy metal organization dedicated to the preservation and ongoing pursuit of all things heavy metal culture. With patched in members worldwide, The Georgia Metal Alliance is an ever-growing support system and fellowship of musicians and fans who live, breathe and eat heavy metal music.

Full A Night of Metal Slideshow below:


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