Album Review: Electric Wizard, Wizard Bloody Wizard

By Andy Thunders

Electric Wizard’s long awaited follow up to 2014’s “Time to Die,” is FINALLY here, in the form of “Wizard Bloody Wizard.” And its fucking awesome. With a little more blues infused sound than usual for them, they decided to do something a little differently. Honestly it sounds like the first self-titled album mixed with Witchcult Today. Psychedelic, Trippy, Seductive, Sexy, and Evil. Grab your bong, let’s go to the ritual…

“See You In Hell,” is fantastic, a bluesy, stoner dirge, with absolutely nihilistic lyrics. It’s absolutely phenomenal. It may be a little different, but it still has that classic Electric Wizard sound, no matter what. It’s not all that different really. The video is really cool, the mid section breakdown is trippy as fuck. Walls of fuzzy guitars and noodling basslines, and busy drums. Classic Stoner metal, absolutely. Maybe the “die hards” will say I’m just a fanboy, and in one way they could be right, but I also realize that Electric Wizard’s entire catalogue has varied in sound, vibe and style, but it is still Electric Wizard. I don’t think Jus is going to make another Dopethrone, and that’s cool. I still think, honestly without bias, this is a fantastic record.

“Necromania,” starts off with fuzzy feedback, and begins on a groovy, dark sounding, surf riff, but much heavier. It’s pure Electric Wizard psychedelia. Holy shit, it’s so different, but it’s so fucking good! Sort of reminds me, vaguely, of Weird Tales, actually. “Death or Pleasure, Necromania.” Fuck, it’s so dark, but dare I say kind of sexy for a masochist? Yes, you could fornicate to your heart’s content, to this song. This is a new step for them, but it’s still them. I love it, the wah wah, and the pure heavy psychedelia. A little Hawkwind, a little Thirteenth Floor Elevators in a snuff film on acid.

Hear the Sirens Scream,” starts off with a typical Electric Wizard riff, with a touch of blues to the groove of the song. It grooves along like fog in a graveyard. It has a kind of waltz feel, in a way as well, it’s so fucking cool. The sound is crisp and warm on this record. Very well produced, very clear without losing that analogue vibe, and of course the vibe they create naturally. Regardless of the little tiny changes to the sound, this has all the classic ingredients for a great Electric Wizard album. The band is really on point, focused, and locked in. The sound is massive, as you’d expect from the Dorset quartet. There are some really fantastic, harmonic guitar lines from Jus, that are quite honestly…beautiful. Damning, Fuzzy, dark, gorgeous parts. So dark and seductive, as the Devil himself. Except stoned.

The Reaper,” starts with some funeral dirge sounding keyboard, with some trippy, dark, menacing wah guitar and tantric like drumming, melded with a strange trance like vocal from Jus. This is Doors like in a way musically. But heavier. Very atmospheric. Very short. But holy shit it was weird, and uncomfortable, but welcoming.

      “Wicked Caresses,” starts with a witchhammer pounding on the drums, and an eerie, fuzzy guitar riff that reeks of reefer and satanic magick. It’s so sexy, “Her wicked caresses, obscene kisses.” I fucking love this song. Finally, a song about a dark woman, in a sexual manner. Love it. I wonder if Jus has been getting laid more or something. This record has a little more pep to its step, and it’s a good thing. Some awesome riffing, the whole band is on top notch form absolutely.

Mourning of The Magicians,” starts off slow and trippy, reminiscent of Supercoven. Spacey, jamming, dirge-like. Jus starts singing “Distorted shadows scream/As Saturn’s children dream” in a kind of John Lennon like vocal delivery, but it’s so incredibly menacing. The song is so spacey, it just meanders slowly, through a cosmic damned graveyard. Then it goes into an epic sounding riff, classic Wizard, then comes back to that death march of a riff with the pounding drums. “Now you have everything, but it has died, Goodbye, farewell, I’ll see you in hell.” Sends chills up the entirety of your spine. Then it combusts and there’s a wall of trippy feedback. This really does sound like from the Supercoven era. It then slowly starts building back up, and goes back into it. This record really proves, that even with changing their sound a little, that they still can sound like themselves. This is a far better record than “Time to Die,” it grooves, it’s more musically interesting, and just as damning. It can live on its own, just like any other record from their catalogue. The band is tight, the sound is crisp, warm, and thick as all bloody Hell. Psychedelic gravedancing, pot orgy music. Stoner metal at its finest. Bow before the Dopethrone!

1. See You In Hell
2. Necromania
3. Hear the Sirens Scream
4. The Reaper
5. Wicked Caresses
6. Mourning the Magicians

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