Album Review: Neon Animal, Bring Back Rock N Roll from The Dead

By Andy Thunders

Neon Animal’s untamed debut Bring Back Rock N Roll From The Dead, is pure, raw, balls out rock n roll, outright. Hailing from London, these Glitter/Glam punks pack all the punches, influenced by CBGB/Max’s Kansas City scene bands, like Wayne County and Johnny Thunders, as well as early Alice Cooper and Aerosmith, with a bit of The Stooges as well as The Doors, these dudes glam it up, and tear it up. Bringing raw rock n roll back, in a snide, fast, nihilistic approach. Thank fucking god. Hail the saviors in the resurrection of Rock N’ Roll.

        “I’m Killing Myself & Everyone is Helping Me,” is pure Stooges inspired raw rock n roll. “Have a cigarette, man have a beer, have some heroin, have some crack, have some new disease” sung with that dismal sarcasm. It swings, and it has a pounding rhythm. And has a nice sense of humor. Rock n’ roll is back, stoned, drunk, and humping everything in sight like a feral cat in heat. It’s catchy as hell.

       “Spin,“ fades in like you’re walking into a bar, to their music. This has a pounding AC/DC style riff and feel, with a vocal that sounds like a cross between Iggy Pop and Jim Morrison. Speaking of the cyclone that is straight society, and how you’re supposed to live your life. “it’s all a load of shit, the fucking candidate.” Brilliant. Chant gang vocals of Hey! Before a kick ass solo. A little bit of the Rolling Stones swagger to their stuff. This is EXACTLY what rock n roll should sound like.

        “Bring Back Rock N Roll From The Dead,” starts off with a soft, hymnal, epic sounding intro, and builds into a pure anthem, as much as Personality Crisis, or Blitzkreig Bop was for kids in the 70’s who didn’t fit in. Full of attitude, spunk, and passion. It grooves along as well. The musicianship in this band is quite phenomenal, and they play off each other, rather well. They lock in, man. Rockers can now feel like outlaws again.

This Is The End,” begins with a slow drumbeat, and some dirge-like, slow uncomfortable guitars come out, along with creepy eerie vocals, speaking of the meaning of life. It’s seriously a great, vibey, Stooges meets The Doors kind of song. A beautiful, haunting, ghostly solo. This slow burner is quite amazing in its trance like vibe, and real, uncomfortable subject matter. It really hits you where it counts. Which is the key to any great artform, really. Then the bassline goes and takes the song into a Dead Kennedys like vibe, speeding up to a speeding truck out of control, bound to plunge into any given wall, exploding on impact.

Kiss Like Dynamite,” starts off with a very sleazy riff, and speeds up to proper tempo. A good, sexual, obscene anthem, for sexually frustrated, angsty cretins. This is good time, balls out rock. Simple, uncomplicated, messy, offensive, obnoxious, fast and loud.

Gimme More,” starts off with a great riff, akin to early Aerosmith, with a pinch of the New York Dolls. Such a groove, and such a great feel, packaged with an awesome, blistering solo. Where have these guys been? If Rock N Roll is a church, these guys are the Gods, plain and simple.

        “From Hero To Zero,” starts off with that old school Aerosmith, mixed with The Doors vibe, a good spacey, steady rocker.  A song about someone who was on top, and took a nosedive into self- destruction. A great, mournful solo. This song could apply to knowing someone and watching them change. “You used to be my hero, you used to be a hero.”

Bedtime stories,” has a light, fun vibe. Hanoi Rocks meets Dead Kennedys here, great melodies, great guitar work, great lyrics. A great way to close the album. This band is a fantastically talented band. They seem to know what they are doing, and do it will. They have focus, direction. They literally can save rock n’ roll from all the benign bullshit going on in the world. They found the original, rebel gypsy spirit of rock n roll, and they use it full force. This is one of the greatest debut albums of this era, they get it. They just get it.

1. I’m Killing Myself & Everyone is Helping Me
2. Spin
3. Bring Back Rock N Roll From The Dead
4. This is The End
5. Kiss Like a Dynamite
6. Gimmer More
7. From Hero to Zero
8. Bedtime Stories

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