Album Review: Spreading the Disease, Insurrection

By Andy Thunders

Spreading the Disease is a metal band from the UK, their latest “Insurrection” is a mix of thrash and nu metal vibes, with a lot of Machine Head style politically driven lyrics. It’s intense, heavy and to the point. The song “Brexit Wounds,” is a banger, with some Slipknot vibes, mixed with the old school thrash vibes. For someone who hasn’t listened to a lot of Nu Metal since its inception, it’s nice to hear a different approach to it.

The song “Can’t Let Go,” starts off with a soft, almost grungy opening, with acoustic guitars and mournful lyrics and vocals. It picks up and has some screaming, but its melodic, holy shit it’s a ballad! Not a corny ballad either, it’s a real thing. Pain and rage contained. Anyone who has ever felt on the brink of a breakdown, and you scare yourself, you’ll relate. It’s almost beautiful. Dark as hell, but beautiful. Female vocals also help. The nice thing is you can’t really Pidgeon hole these dudes. A nice solo adds to the song. The it slows down once again with the acoustic and vocals. Well done.

“Dischord,” starts with an audio clip of some kind of creepy dark mass, and a dirty guitar starts, and the distorted background guitars kick in, adding to it, a menacing and very uncomforting feel. A dense thick atmosphere and sound, then kicks in with pissed off vocals, and a catchy, very headbanging verse and hook. There’s a punk attitude behind all the metal. Some creepy windchimes bring a nice sonic touch. This album so far, is for the forgotten, the outsider, the nobody, who’s fed the fuck up with society, and it’s brutal, honest, and stomps your head into a curb. Pounding drums and heavy riffs are fucking concussive.

Find my path,” starts with a bluesy riff, with acoustic and electric guitars. Some melodic guitar fills, then it starts with the pounding drums, and the guitars get louder, and boom! A slow dirge, floaty, pissed off sounding song. Almost a sort of black metal vibe to this tune. Then it slows down again, with some nice melodic vocals, and light guitars. Very short but fucking sweet.

Greed,” starts with a great fucking anthemic rumble of a tune, screaming, heavy thumping riff. There is an awesome, powerful bridge. Speaking about how the rich elite control the entire world, and rips them a new asshole. It slows down in the middle for a nice groove, and a guitar starts shredding over the pissed off voice, like holy fuck dude!! Then a thumping bass brings the song back from the bridge, then explodes.

Last Goodbye” has a swing and a groove to it, with more of that old school vibe. Then goes into a pissed off, old school, nu metal style verse.  If Papa Roach had balls they’d sound more like this. But they don’t, and Spreading the Disease does. A nice punky break and solo adds another side to this song. A breakdown with sum pounding bass and drums before the chanting of “I NEED HELP” ensues and explodes into the Armageddon of a chorus.

Method To My Madness,” begins with a ratty bass line and some creepy guitar work. Then explodes into a heavy as fuck song, speaking of having mental dysfunction, or being accused of having mental dysfunction to discredit you. Then it pushes into a punky riff and rhythm. “HERE I COME, THERE’S A METHOD TO MY FUCKING MADNESS!” fucking aye, man. Some nice guitar work is littered all over the album, I can’t get over it. I don’t think I ever enjoyed Nu Metal this much. Majority of it is absolute shite, if I’m to be honest.

Save Me,” has a nice opening riff, and awesome, empowering lyrics about religious hypocrites, I seriously love it.  Such a grinding rhythm, a dystopian nihilism, screaming about the atrocities of the human race, at the top of their apocalyptic lungs. Spreading the Disease, has a nice groove and riff. A headbanger. An anthem for the “woke” fuckers, the ones who refuse to accept the bullshit in the world. A great vocal track, and great melodies on this one.

Whores of War,” starts off slow, acoustic, and dirge like, with softly spoken lyrics, you can feel it building in a menacing, maniacal riff, about as heavy as the lyrical content, basically speaking truth about the war business and oil, over some sick riffs. And now we reach the end, with “Words Unspoken,” an intense blast, wall of sound. An awesome fucking riff, and groove. It makes you want to break everything around you, it’s so damn intense. I am very impressed with these guys, I did not think I’d enjoy it at first, but it’s nu metal with a crapload of twists and influences. It isn’t stupid shit like Limp Bizkit, with his whining about not having things his way. Its pissed off, balls out metal. This album is not for the faint of heart or easily offended.

01. Find My Path
02. Words Unspoken
03. Dischord
04. Spreading the Disease
05. Greed
06. Save Me
07. Whores of War
08. Method to my Madness
09. Can’t Let Go
10. Brexit Wounds
11. Last Goodbye

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