By: Stephanie Stevens

I haven’t seen WE CAME AS ROMANS since the last time the guys came to the Boston area, so I was super excited to see them on this run, and on this day specifically, because it was the bands record release day!!!

The new album, COLD LIKE WAR has so many great tracks that I could just imagine how they would go over in a live setting, given all the aggression, energy and fun ambiance the new songs bring. When the boys hit the stage it was exactly like I imagined.  For one, WCAR has always been that band to bring the energy and get the crowd involved in the whole set, and last night was no different. The packed Palladium’s energy was set on fire, as the house lights went down and the band took the stage. From there on out, it was a party!!

The boys opened with “COLD LIKE WAR,” the passion, the spirit and the energy all oozed out of each member, showing they were super stoked on this new album, and being able to create a bond with the fans face to face, performing the new music.

They surprised the crowd that night with a live video shooting of the song “WASTED AGE” and made it known that they were super happy their record release was in this venue, and this area, because Worcester has always given them the love they deserve and very much appreciate.  My favorite moment of the introduction of new songs, was “LOST IN THE MOMENT,”I keep saying it but they bring the energy and movement to the stage, and its always a pleasure to be able to enjoy a band that is all about giving a good live show.

The guys did a good job mixing up old and new songs, going through the catalog of albums, and choosing the highest punched, energy driven and crowd-pleasing songs, like   “GHOSTS,” the cover of “GLAD YOU CAME,” “TRACING BACK ROOTS,” “THE WORLD I USE TO KNOW.”  They ended the night with “HOPE,” which is probably one of my favorite songs, and it was indeed a great closing element. However, it made me want them to play for an hour more, to be honest. All in All the new album by these guys is marvelous, the songs are prime meat for live shows, and the guys as a whole, definitely know how to entertain a crowd, and are most professional, while doing it.

Down below is a snippet of songs from last night. I hope you enjoy it! Of course, if the guys come to a city near you, most definitely check them out!! Seeing them live is  worth every penny you spend on a ticket.

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