Con Bro Chill Leads the Neon Army to Santa Ana

By Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images

Winter season is coming up and we have the Holidays to look forward to. From Thanksgiving and Christmas to Hanukkah and more, you will most likely be attending holiday parties. They will be themed to the holiday and you might wear a festive sweater or eat and drink some delicacies that are only devoured and enjoyed during these times.  However, there is one band out there that wants to remind you that you can party any day of the week. That band is Con Bro Chill and they proved it by bringing their Neon Army to the Constellation Room on a Sunday night. Bringing along with them a very clever and out-of-the-box reggae band Esta Noche, the audience were clad in their brightest neon outfit and we were all ready to party.

To be honest, I’m not really sure if the first band really exists or if I just dreamt the whole thing. Even still, my dreams could not even imagine something as creative and enjoyable from a reggae band as what Esta Noche brought to the stage. Performing a mix of original songs, original cover songs which are covers but with new lyrics, Esta Noche created fans with every new creative thing they did. For example, what is the biggest thing reggae bands are stereotyped for enjoying? Marijuana. So what does Esta Noche do?  They write a song called, “Illegalize It”: a song turning the reggae spirit on its head while singing about calling your governors to “illegalize” weed. Coincidentally enough, the lead singer stopped the song half-way through because he got hungry and grabbed some food. One song that seemed to get the whole crowd singing was their original cover called “Come on Irie” (parodying Dexys Midnight Runners song Come on Eileen). With every one already familiar with the tune and lyrics so catchy, the whole audience was singing along by the second chorus. As someone who is not much of a fan of reggae, I find myself still singing these songs the next day. If this band ever happens to emerge from the dreamscape again, I highly advise seeking them out as it will be the most fun you have at a reggae show sober.

Full Esta Noche slideshow below:

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The ones leading the Neon Army charge were the boys of Con Bro Chill who took the stage while the black lights lit up all the neon in the Constellation Room. Opening their set with “We Came to Party”, that title alone is an understatement to what the boys were bringing us. They made sure the room was dancing by starting a line-dance throughout the chorus. As the first song came to an end, we knew we were in for a fun show. Never letting the audience settle down, each new song came with at least a portion of simple choreographed dancing that kept you on your toes and moving. At one point, the band created a workout atmosphere during the song “Pump It,” and the boys of Con Bro Chill put on classic 80’s workout costumes and led the audience in a Jazzercise routine. Always wanting to keep the show as interactive as possible, clusters of three cups of water were handed out to the front row and a game of beer pong was played.

In the middle of the show Sam Martin riffed the opening of Van Halen’s “Eruption” that led into the “Star Spangled Banner”. Donning an American vest and keytar, Connor Martin led the Audience in singing the National Anthem. This then led into “Born Free America,” one of the most patriotic songs to have been written which included Ty Andre coming out in a Bald Eagle outfit and soaring over the audience via crowd-surfing. While keeping the beat on bass and chanting, the backing vocals were handled by Steve Felts. Ending the show with “Love Life” brought out the camaraderie in the entire crowd. As we all jumped and sang along, we were all just enjoying the moment

Full Con Bro Chill slideshow below:

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No matter how amazing a party gets they all do come to an end. Yet, as that party ends, you can look around the room and just see the smiles glued to the faces of every attendant. Esta Noche set the mood for the night with some great upbeat songs but it was Con Bro Chill that took the party to an epic status. Con Bro Chill was more than happy to come out to greet fans and take pictures, allowing for everyone to look back at the night that just happened and say their goodbyes until the next Neon Army party rolls through town.

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