Rocking Out for the Homeless At the Doll Hut

Article & Photos by Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

Not all rockers and metalheads have bad attitudes. We do have hearts of gold, when it comes to special causes that are meant to help our fellow mankind. For me, personally, I am for charities that aim specifically for autism research. As someone who has Asperger’s Syndrome, it is a cause that is very close to my heart. So is donating clothes to Goodwill for the homeless. Well, one charity that is dedicated to helping those who are down on their luck, The OC Burrito Project, has put together a rock show at the World Famous Doll Hut in Anaheim, Calif. People would come to not only donate warm clothes for the homeless, but also get a free kick-ass show full of hungry rock groups. Eight groups intotal came out in support of the cause, but I arrived later for the last three: C4 OC, Cunt Punch, and Betrayed by Faith.

First up for me to see, was C4 OC. Before they did their set, frontman/guitarist Denniray Stelly brought out his side project, The Denniray Project, to give the crowd a taste of what they are about. After two solid songs with Brendan on bass, which included “Dance For Me” and “Don’t Cry For Me,” C4 OC bassist Andre Stelly, came out ready to feed our ears with some groovy alternative metal. This band has a slick sound, that borders on both an old school and modern rock vibe. Denniray is particularly efficient on guitar, as if his fingers had a mind of their own, while dancing on the frets, during his solos. Combine all that with Lonniel Stelly’s harmonious drumming, C4 OC is one of those hidden gems, waiting to be admired by the public. After playing stellar tunes like “Bathed in Blood” and “She Got Mean,” they finished off the set with an impromptu jam session, that showed off their skills. I was glad I caught them.

Full C4 OC slideshow below:

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If both Nine Inch Nails and Green Day came together with Garbage to create a baby, out would come Cunt Punch. This 4-piece group has been together for 2 years, and has recently gone through a transformation, one that would infuse a punk edge to their sound. Lead singer Lauren Fairbanks, is an enchanting force on stage. She has the voice of Shirley Manson of Garbage, the sexy swagger of Mick Jagger, and the punk attitude of Wendy O Williams of the Plasmatics. She has this way of engaging the audience with her sultry style, especially on the songs “Feline Dentata” and “Love Struck.” On the tune “Shit Town,” she mentions how the lyrics came from a hate letter addressed to her, and she pretty much flipped the bitch on its head. Guitarist Jimbo D, was sizzling out exemplary riffs and solos. His style of playing reminds me Mick Jones of The Clash and Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains. Drummer Anthony Feery and bassist Ed Hove, played the beat of the songs with style and harmony. Leave it to Fairbanks to end the set by saying, “Fuck you, and good night.” I can see her gracing the cover of Alternative Press soon enough.

Full Cunt Punch slideshow below:

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The final group of the night was the 3-piece act Betrayed by Faith. I was immediately drawn in to their classic, in your face heavy metal. They played loud, fast, and with no mercy shown to the fans. Glen Alan comes out swinging hard with his licks on the guitar. Never letting up, the sound of his axe howls into the cold night. Bassist Jerome Severin lit up the stage with his ear-piercing beats that raged on. Playing drums with a mighty force, was Bob Guitrau. These old dogs of rock are living proof that age has no effect on their playing skills. Their songs do not have titles as of right now, but it did not matter. Each song they played was mighty enough to get the small crowd to yell with excitement. They have these songs mixed; now all they have to do is find singer, who has the balls to take these songs to the next plateau. I am anxious to hear words put into the tunes they create. Betrayed By Faith is another precious stone looking to gloss in sunlight.

Full Betrayed by Faith slideshow below:

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It was a pretty successfully night for the groups I saw perform at the Doll Hut. It was my first time seeing them play, and they exceeded my expectations. C4 OC is one of Orange county’s best kept secrets, Cunt Punch is ready to storm the beaches of rock, and Betrayed By Faith hollers with their blistering performance. The crowd was not that big, but their enormous rock hearts filled up the room. Not only did they bring the rock to Anaheim, they helped bring awareness to helping the homeless. Sometimes we need to remember to help out those who are in need of help every now and then. I look forward to seeing them again, and I do believe they will be just as great as the first time. To Betrayed By Faith, Cunt Punch, and C4 OC, I salute you. Horns up!!!

The OC Burrito Project is a non-profit organization with a goal to “mobilize desperately needed case management services and create environmentally sustainable, whole person care centers.” Their dedication to helping the homeless is inspiriting. To find out how you can help or make a donation, visit their website at

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