Album Review: Psychedelic Witchcraft, Sound of the Wind

By Andy Thunders

Psychedelic Witchraft’s latest release, Sound of The Wind, is a fantastic, powerful album by the band. Probably their best to date, the album is slightly heavier than their previous efforts, but still other than that, nothing has changed. The guitars are fuzzy, and Virginia Monti’s vocals are either eerie and seductive, or howling and pissed off.

Hailing from Florence, Italy, Psychedelic Witchcraft take on sounds of an almost forgotten era, late 60’s early 70’s downer rock, prog, psychedelia, and a touch of grunge for good measure. The band is firing on all cylinders, the songwriting is tight, and rock n roll’s best dark witch Goddess is really giving it her all.

The intro “Maat,” is a hypnotic acoustic and bongo jam, very Egyptian. You can picture in your head a succubus belly dancing to this, sucking you in. The atmosphere for the rest of the album is set, prepare to lunge into the darkness, and allow the tendrils of sulfur and brimstone waft into your sinuses.

“Lords of The War,” is a bluesy psychedelic Sabbath-like dirge, a strong anti-war song. Speaking for the current generation, saying we will not stand for this war bullshit, and we won’t have anything to do with it. It’s heavy, it’s anthemic “they build and destroy/we ain’t gonna stop/we ain’t gonna crawl/we ain’t gonna die/against the lords of the war.” Fuck yeah, pumping those peace signs in the air, headbanging, stoned. The band is in each other’s pocket, able to pull an awesome groove out of nowhere. This song represents the common human being that finds themselves in the middle of a war, and he won’t surender, and he fights the war makers, in the name of freedom.

“Wild We Go,” begins with an old horror film clip, and starts with a slower, melodic rocker, speaking of how we should lose our doubts, and go towards our true human nature, and to achieve the desires we wish to have. The watery fuzzy wah-infused guitar solo is absolutely phenomenal, this is real rock n’ roll, no filters, and lyrics and songs that actually mean something. This is without a doubt one of my favourite songs by them, and favourite offering of the record. There’s a nice, jazzy breakdown with some great guitar fills, and then the vocals and songs swarm like an intense storm of fire and rain and lightning and ruins, to rebuild and begin again.

The title track, “Sound of The Wind,” is slightly reminiscent of White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, A song reflecting inner intelligence and creativity, and how sound is like an apparition of air, and how we can not see it, but we hear and feel it. It’s extremely darkly, uncomfortably inviting, and atmospheric like being seduced by a demon. Brings forth images of fog and a red moon. “We move with the sound of the wind.” Simple, deep, and true. This album combines everything that makes this band great, and doubles it.

Turn Me On,” is reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix like riffing, and a Zeppelin groove. A song about craving a good fuck. And it sounds like it could’ve came out in that era. It reeks of incense, peace, love, sex, weed, booze, with Jimi Hendrix in the background. An awesome, outstanding guitar solo, the grooves, the mood. It’s very sexy, and far out, man. The bass break, after the solo with some guitar licks, is such the perfect thing to do. A good song to get you in a good mood, if you’re pissed off.

“Rising on The Edge,” is just a great old school hard rock song, with very passionate, determined lyrics, about someone being crushed and having to find their way back to themselves, one step at a time. Which we all can relate to, and it has everything, a hook, great guitar work, a groove, and Virginia is howling her ass of at the moon on this one.  You can feel what she’s feeling, and her vocal delivery gives you chills, and punches you in the gut.

“The Warrens,” is a song with historical lyrical content, if you have ever seen The Conjuring movie, or know about Edward and Lorraine Warren, some of the most famous upernatural investigators, but they were the real deal, not this ghost hunters tv shit. It’s a song that tells their story, with a great hard, psychedelic rock song, complete with funeral like organ. This is another one of my favourites, on the record. It’s dark, hypnotic rock. It has fantastic musical passages. Absolutely incendiary.

“Sin of Mine,” is a bluesy, upbeat song about sex, and how you can develop a physical addiction to someone. Her voice is raspy, her delivery is akin to Janis Joplin with every bit of her passion.Has an early Zeppelin vibe, “Sweet Sin Of Mine/you made me paralyzed.” That’s just lyrical brilliance, simple, and effective. Not a bad song on this album.

“Let Me Be Myself”, is a slow Jethro Tull meets Zeppelin jam, a mellow, bluesy, proggy piece, with lyrics speaking of being trapped in a toxic relationship, the overall situation and how it changes who you are. A very powerful, moving song. Very passionate vocals, and the dark forest the music takes you too, a dark sky with no light, with light cold rain and fog. Hauntingly beautiful like the singer herself. Mind blowing and slightly erotic.

The final track on the album, “Horizons”, starts off with a piano, and the rest of the band comes in, and it starts off similar to the outro to Wheels Of Confusion by Black Sabbath, one of my favourites. A powerful instrumental piece, and it’s a banger. The song is powerful, relevant, and absolutely mind blowing. This is their third record, and their fourth release. They formed in 2015 and have no signs of stopping, and thank Set for that. Because this band is all about the music, are real musicians and music fans as well, they do not follow trends, nor do they bow to any masters. This album is fantastic from front to back, and has no duds or bad songs. This is legitimate old school rock, in the modern world.

1. Meat
2. Lords of the War
3. Wild We Go
4. Sound of the Wind
5. Turn Me On
6. Rising on the Edge
7. The Warrens
8. Sin of Mine
9. Let Me Be Myself
10. Horizons

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