Metal Insanity Enters the Wiltern With Trivium and Arch Enemy

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy, Photos by Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images

Tyler Olsen, aka Rockaholic, has been one of my closest friends for a good 25+ years. One of the things that I have admired about him the most, is his good taste in fast heavy metal and good rock ‘n’ roll groups. He has introduced me to the bands Metallica, Dragonforce, Story of the Year, and Green Day, just to name a few. The one band I am extremely grateful that he introduced me to is the kings of modern metal scene, Trivium. As soon as I heard these guys, I was hooked by the insane riffs, ferocious roars, rapid beats, and magnificent songwriting. I have already seen them twice, and I was about to see them for a third time at the famous Wiltern in Los Angeles, Calif., with my amigos Tyler, Matt Martinez, Kris Peterson, Powell Boyer, and Balmore A. Barahora. They were on tour with Swedish metal juggernauts Arch Enemy, another group I was excited to see as well.

While She Sleeps and Fit For An Autopsy tagged along for the ride, unfortunately we were late on an account of traffic. I am sure they did great. Arch Enemy tore it up with the opener, “The World Is Yours,” featured off their newest hit effort Will To Power. They have such a strong presence when they are performing on stage. Vocalist Alissa White-Gulz is a vicious singer, raising her voice as loud and high as she can. She has turned this band into her own since joining back in 2014. Celebrating her second release with the group, she blows the doors off the hinges in the venue. They played a good mix of their stuff and classic hits like “War Eternal,” “My Apocalypse,” “Dead Bury Their Dead,” and “You Will Know My Name.” Founder and lead guitarist Michael Amott, rips the audience a new one with his killer solos, proving why he is one of the best out there. Add in the fantastic rhythm riffs by guitarist Jeff Loomis, bassist Sharlee D’Angelo, and drummer Daniel ErlandssonArch Enemy has put one hell of a show. The lighting during their set was excellent. Ending their night with the classic “Nemesis,” I am happy Arch Enemy finally came back to my neighborhood

Full Arch Enemy slideshow below:

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Trivium raided the stage with “The Sin and The Sentence.” Celebrating the release of the critically acclaimed 8th album, The Sin and The Sentence, Trivium are still on the top of their game after so many years on the road. Frontman and guitar extraordinaire Matt Heafy brings a great combination of melodic singing and hellish screams. Between him and other lead guitarist Corey Bealulieu, both performed top-notch solos, as if they were trying to out-dual each other. They even took turns roaring into the microphones, giving the crowd the best of both worlds. It was a great sight to see. Their choice of songs came from almost everything they had done in the past, from “Strife” to “Dusk Dismantled,” “Until the World Goes Cold,” “Betrayer,” and “Like Light to the Flies.” They even performed my all time favorite from Shogun, “Kirisute Gomen.” This is their first U.S. tour with new drummer Alex Bent, who was electric and bombarded the shit out of the kit. Bassist Paolo Gregoletto was a rapid rhythmic machine up there, plucking with aggression and grace. On their final song, they chose to go with “In Waves,” always a good choice to end their set.

Full Trivium slideshow below:

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What could have made the night more perfect, was if either group did an encore, because I wanted a lot more. It was an excellent night to be a metalhead for sure. Matt got a lot of great shots, and we will be getting more in the future. Trivium is always a great band to watch, and Arch Enemy, well they have gained a new devout follower for sure. The idea of these two groups hitting the road together was ingenious. Metal will never be the same. To Trivium and Arch Enemy, I salute you. Horns up!!!


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