10 Years and From Ashes to New Headbang the Roxy

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy, Photos by Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images

It has been over a year, since Matt and I made our way to the fine establishment on the Sunset Strip, known as the Roxy Theatre. This fantastic nightclub, has housed some of the finest musicians over the years, including Genesis (with Peter Gabriel), The Ramones, Guns N’ Roses, and most recently, Steel Panther. The first show I caught there was in 2013, when the classic Adrenaline Mob line-up and Nothing More stopped by. I have also seen Trivium, Stitched Up Heart, Gemini Syndrome, and Jason Newstead of Metallica perform there. The Roxy is a fine concert club, that has a vibrant rock atmosphere and good acoustics. When we heard that 10 Years and From Ashes to New were going to pass through on their latest tour, Matt and I could not pass on the opportunity to catch them. We unfortunately missed the opening acts, which included Painted Wives, due to traffic. We did, however, catch a little of Painted Wives’ last song and they sounded quite good.

From Ashes to New, is a rap rock/metal group that Tyler Olsen, aka Rockaholic, introduced me to a couple years ago. I knew they sounded good on record, but after watching them, they are an even better live act. They have the elements of Hollywood Undead, with tremendous rap follow sung by frontman Matt Brandyberry, but they are much heavier, thanks to the guitar riffs by Lance Dowdle, and the intense screaming of vocalist Danny Case. Not only can Case scream with passion, he can also sing with soul, like he does in the song, “Forgotten.” Both he and Brandyberry trade off the rap and rock lyrics very well. Good drum beats were played nicely by Mat Madiro, formally of Trivium. They had a great selection of tracks, that crowd sang to with such enthusiasm, which included “Land of Make Believe,” “Downfall,” and “Breaking Now.” They even played some new songs, that will be featured on the new record that is coming out soon. Finishing with the fan favorite “Through It All,” From Ashes to New connected with the fans, and brought tons of energy to their performance. I said it once and I will say it again, they are great live.

Full From Ashes to New slideshow below:

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Up next were the alternative/prog metal legends, 10 Years. I have to admit, I never really paid attention to them until that night. All I have to say is, where the hell was I, when this group was kicking ass back in the day? 10 Years have tremendous swagger and heavy flow, that the fans loved to see. Vocalist Jesse Hasek rocks the microphone with his poetic voice, that stimulates the fans’ eardrums. Not only that, he lets the lyrics guide his movements on stage. Joining Hasek on stage for the opener “Waking Up” was Otherwise frontman Adrian Patrick, who killed it. Lead guitarist Brian Vodinh rips into his lead riffs with precision, while rhythm player Matt Wantland lays siege to the crowd, with his guitar licks. Drummer Kyle Mayer and bassist Chad Huff, both who are the newest members, laid down some really cool headbanging beats. 10 Years just released their newest album, (How to Live) as Ghosts, and played 4 songs off the record, including their smash hit, “Novocain.” Not only that, they also played some of their classic hits including “Dancing with the Dead,” “Russian Roulette,” and “Autumn Effect” to name a few. They also did a cover of Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box,” which they nailed. Ending the show with “Actions & Motives,” it was a stellar performance.

Full 10 Years slideshow below:

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Both bands rocked the Roxy to its core. The energy of the fans was staggering, for they waved their hands in the air, while headbanging to all the songs. From Ashes to New is a rap rock group that is hoping to expand their sound, with their upcoming album, and 10 Years continues to amaze fans everywhere they go. Our friend, Gonzo W Dave, was there as well, war-painted in support for both bands. It was another fun-filled night on the Sunset Strip for us. To 10 Years and From Ashes to New, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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