Horcrux Hits You in the Feels

Although we all know death is ultimately a part of life, it doesn’t make losing a loved one any easier. We all deal with pain in different ways and a lot of musicians use a tragedy as inspiration for their art. The band’s new track, “Live Through Me,” chronicles the feelings of experiencing a death of someone close to you.

Guitarist Scott Norris opened up about the track, “It touches on the vast amount of overwhelming emotions that go along with experiencing something like that. The song finishes with the understanding that we have to remember the ones we’ve lost for how great they were and let the way they lived their life influence you in a positive way.”

The powerful lyrics, “Losing it all, living in a world where I’ve never felt so small. I can’t bring you back, I know I have to accept. I have to do this for you,
I need to see this through,” resonate with the listener and remind us that while death can be an extremely difficult time, it’s also a chance to reminisce about better times and the memories will always live on.

“Live Through Me” also features a glimpse of Vocalist Michael Labelle showcasing his clean singing as he is known for his intense screams. This track highlights the band’s diversity and is the perfect ending to “The Dark Mark” EP. The record has been met with an overwhelming response and is the perfect beginning to Horcrux’s story.

“The Dark Mark” is now available on Spotify,iTunesGoogle Play and Bandcamp along with merch at Big Cartel.

About Horcrux:

Rising from Ottawa, Ontario, Horcrux blends many metal and metalcore elements to create a fast paced, aggresive sound that leaves listeners craving more. Over the course of 2016, the group of thriving musicians focused on writing music and perfecting their art. Bringing together members of A Skylit Drive, Of Reverie and Here Comes Bigfoot, Horcrux is ready to brand their name into the genre.

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