Year of the Locust at the Palladium in Worcester, MA

By Stephanie Stevens

Earlier in 2017, I had the pleasure of being introduced to the band YEAR OF THE LOCUST from NY. A band that brings a real rock n roll element back into the rock scene. It only took a year for me to see them live, but I was able to catch up and see the band’s set when they jumped on a major tour with Starset, to kick off the 2018 touring season.

At first, I was a little skeptical, because a band like Starset is a little different vibe then what the boys in The LOCUST bring but I know a lot of Starset fans who have open minds, so I was thrilled to see how the audience took to them. Well it didn’t take long for the guys to create a buzz that night in Worcester, MA. For one, these guys are not afraid of anything, and they believe in their talent, they believe in the music they have created, and they can bring it all to a stage of any size. The band’s set was a short one, but they played a lot of energy driven songs off the band’s debut album DEVOLVER like RISE UP, BROKEN NOW and MOVIN ON; then graced the audience with a brand new upbeat and driving song called SUNRISE, which really is the song I think that sold the band to the added fans they gained that night. For anyone that doesn’t know about this band, it’s a must you see them, because not only do they have a very interactive live show, they are the most down to earth and easy-going bunch of dudes around.

I feel very honored I got to see them in a live atmosphere and this live show they put on made me fall more in love with the songs, that I have been listening to for a year now. With that I am very excited to see the guys gain momentum and hopefully do a headlining run in 2018, so we can admire these talents for a longer set, and see a show on the band’s own terms, instead of opening up for others.

I was able to capture some snippets of the bands set that night, and also was able to snag the band’s newest single and video for SUNRISE. So check both out, pick up a disc and see these guys live. Seeing Year of the Locust live, is very much well worth the money.

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