Album Review: The Knowing Within, Circumstances

THE KNOWING WITHIN came together 3 years ago and hail from the sunny state of Florida, where they are setting new boundaries and strength to the music scene.

I came into contact with the guys last year, after hearing the band’s last EP BELIEVE TO SEE, and it was just a few listens that captivated me enough, to want to look more into the band, and eventually get a little interview done with the guys.

Fast forward to the start of 2018. The guys have been hard at work on a new disc entitled CIRCUMSTANCES; when I say they were hard at work they tore the roof off, when these tracks were set in stone and ready for the public. I am in love with the EP from start to finish.

ERASE MY MISERY is the band’s first single and lyric video (which is down below) and while it shows a snippet of what the band brings, it doesn’t really get into the real value of what these musicians have in their heart and soul, what is shown through the rest of the EP as far as the music they create. ERASE MY MISERY is an upbeat and melodic song, with some powerfully aggressive vocals, to make it a little grittier and grinding. With all that going on, they don’t let the high impact of energy settle throughout the song. Although I like the song, for me it doesn’t hold a candle to the next song up, NO DOGS ALLOWED, and from reading fans’ reviews of the record, this is their favorite track also. I don’t know if it’s the structure of the lyrical content or how vocalist Tim Rardon delivers it all, the meaning behind the words, or if it’s the powerful and driving melodic music, but this song gets you amped up, gets you singing along and bobbing that head. The interlude; RESPITE changes up the tone, with a darker ambience, that gears you into a more electronica soundscape; that settles you down for a few seconds, so you can catch your breath. PROLOGUE, a little instrumental ditty that seamlessly gets you ready for what is to come with CIRCUMSTANCES; I whole heartily love the drumming on this track…and the intertwining of singing and aggressive backing vocals just makes the song a solid gut-punching track.  A FEELING PROFOUND, features AJ Bartholomew, (from Eyes set to Kill) is probably my 2nd favorite off the EP. I feel this song encompasses all that is THE KNOWING WITHIN!! They have a little bit of everything in this song; brutal and aggressive, melody galore, electric attributes, it’s insane how you can listen to one song repeatedly and hear new things every time. A spectacular track in my opinion. Lastly, the band ends on a ballad note and shows off  beauty; simple, raw elegance from the beginning, then surprises you with a little drumming attribute to spice things up; but all in all, you can really see emotion and passion in Rardon’s voice. I’m a sucker for a slower song and these guys pleased my heart on this one.

THE KNOWING WITHIN is still making the rounds in the Florida scene but with CIRCUMSTANCES, I hope big things happen for these guys, because talent like this, needs to be showcased on a larger scale in the music scene.

1 Introduction
2 Erase My Misery
3 No Dogs Allowed
4 Respite
5 Prologue
6 Circumstances
7 A Feeling Profound (feat. AJ Bartholomew)
8 I’ll Find a Way

Tim Rardon: Vocals
Mario Tafoya: Guitar/Vocals
James Arran: Drums
Sebby Villota: Bass


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