Doyle Brings Horror Punk Back to Hollywood

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy, Photos by Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images

Daylight savings has officially begun once again. Not only do the days last longer, but the night seems to last longer as well. What better way to celebrate the return of daylight savings, then by heading out to the world-famous Whisky a Go Go, in Hollywood, Calif. Fozzy performed there on Saturday, but Matt and I did not make it to that show, on account of the heavy rain. Being what the 5 freeway is like, we did not want to chance. However, when we heard that Doyle would be performing there the next night, we were determined not to miss that show. We caught Doyle last year in Santa Ana on Father’s Day, so we knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into. First time we saw them, they blew my expectations out of the water. The masters of horror punk rock were looking to bring rock macabre to life in Tinsel Town. 8 bands, including Doyle, were scheduled to perform, but we ended up catching one other act, before the main attraction.

The last band to hit the stage before Doyle was native act, Scurvy Kids. They have an old school, punk rock vibe that had a lot of raw energy. Fast paced, with heightened musical chops, I felt that Scurvy Kids are the kind of band that can make simple rock ‘n’ roll cool all over again. Vocalist Ben Anguiano was a force on stage with his Joey Ramone like singing. I feel that he is still trying to find his voice in the group, but after a little more seasoning, the punk rock world better look out. Backed by guitarist Eric Gonzalez, bassist Nicole Vigueria, and drummer Bryanne, this was a group you cannot sedate. It was nice to see them pay homage to the old punk sound, while adding their own flavor. Most of the songs they played were covers, with exception of their own singles “Lucky?” and “Sacrifice.” Scurvy Kids are a fun band with great potential.

Full Scurvy Kids slideshow below:

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At 11:00 PM, Doyle headed onto the stage, and roared with their starting number, “Abominator.” Guitarist and leader, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, looked badass onstage. One of the buffest men in the metal community, he was dominating on the guitar, shredding out morbid solos with each song. Fresh off their sophomore release, Doyle II: As We Die, Doyle conquered the Whisky, with their take of horror punk and groove metal. As always, frontman Alex “Wolfman” Story wowed the fans with his howling pipes and chops. Armed to the teeth with a blistering voice and cool as hell muttonchops, Wolfman was a display of frontman perfection. Drummer Wade Murff and bassist Brandon Strate shook the foundations of the iconic rock club, with their thunderous beats and bashes. For a surprise appearance, former Doyle drummer Brandon Pertzborn walked onto the kit and wailed away on “HeadHunter” and “Valley of Shadows.” That was a sight for sore eyes.

For about 90% of the performance, the mosh pit was in a rampage. Each time they started up a new tune, Wolfman would address the crowd by saying, “This song is sort of like a love song, so you can dance to it if you want.” He said it in Santa Ana, and it is still funny to hear. From “Witchcraft” to “Cemeterysexxx,” “Dark Gods Arise,” and “DreamingDeadGirls,” Doyle ruled the night. Drenching with sweat from giving it their all, they never let up once and made it look so easy. As soon as the last words were spoken on “Hope Hell is Warm,” Wolfman bid the audience good night and disappeared into the rafters, with the fans wanting more. For a solid hour and some change, the night drew to a close.

Full Doyle slide show below:

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As much as I enjoyed seeing them in Santa Ana, Doyle set the bar high playing at the famous Whisky a Go Go. Doyle himself can still deliver an impactful punch on the guitar, while Wolfman made love to the fans, with his menacing singing. Scurvy Kids came to kick ass and take some names, which they did. Still a young group looking for their footing in the rock world, they are stepping in the right direction. Once their balls drop, look out. It was a fun filled evening in Hollywood once again. I would also recommend getting Doyle’s new record. Each song is sort of like a love song, so be sure to dance to it if you want. To Doyle and Scurvy Kids, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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