Nightwish’s “Decades Tour” at The Agora Theatre

By Matt Moser, Moser Photoworks

Finnish symphonic metallers Nightwish played the newly remodeled Agora in Cleveland, OH on March 24th. The 9-month worldwide tour entitled, “Decades” presented a special setlist, featuring rare material from the early years of the band’s career (1996-2015). On top of that, a 2-disk compilation also titled “Decades” was handed out to each fan who purchased a ticket to the show.

It’s been almost 3 years since Nightwish returned to Cleveland, so when the band announced this mammoth tour with the never-before-heard material, I had the curiosity how this would be different from prior shows. One, straight off the bat, there were no openers. The band lowered the lights around 8:30 and the LCD screen on stage illustrated the band’s main backdrop as the Decades graphics flashed on the screen. A lengthy 6-minute intro played the theatre when finally you hear the announcer start rambling about a time before cell phones, hinting to shut it up as a “no cellphone” graphic flashed on the screen. Well, it wasn’t enforced, but implying fans to experience this rare show through their eyes rather than what’s on the screen. It was all comically in good taste. The band opened with “End of All Hope” from the 2002 album, “Century Child” and from their, each song displayed theatric flashy lights and on-screen visuals that hasn’t been done by the band in some time.

Intro + Swanheart
1. End Of All Hope
2. Wish I Had An Angel
3. 10th Man Down
4. Come Cover Me
5. Gethseman
6. Élan
7. Sacrament Of Wilderness
8. Deep Silent
9. Dead Boy’s Poem
10. Elvenjig + Elvenpath
11. I Want My Tears Back
12. The Carpenter
13. The Kinslayer
14. Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean
15. Nemo
16. Slaying The Dreamer
17. The Greatest Show On Earth (Full)
18. Ghost Love Score

Full Nightwish slideshow below:

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