Album Review: Litterbug, Your Perception Is Not My Reality

By Andy Thunders

Your Perception Is Not My Reality by Litterbug is an explosive British punk rock record, fun, loud, fast, A British Ramones meets Nirvana and The Pixies.

The album kicks off with I Will Not Explain, which is full of angst and energy, but they make fun. Absolutely great. Prozac Zombie is a great one, ‘I just can’t get out of my bed, I’m just a Prozac Zombie. ‘brilliant and yet so simple. Absolutely warped, catchy punk. Raw, and real. This album is just a really fun punk rock record, made by some blokes who love music and do it for the sake of playing this music, so you can’t really knock it anyway. It’s got the catchiness, but it’s definitely not a pop punk record. The first Clash album has catchy songs, even the Damned and The Sex Pistols had catchy hooks, they were just warped and fucked up the ass with a jackhammer, and it’s got that kinda sensibility, and it’s absolutely wonderful. If you were hanging around starts off ‘I’d break my arm for you if you were hanging around. ‘absolutely fucking brilliant. ‘please please put the gun away, you can shoot that shot another day’ just brilliant obscene lyrics painting a darkly romantic song in its own way.

Anaphylactic is a great one, just one fun angry snotty song after another. This is what punk should be in 2018. The band is a tight 3 piece, precision seems to be their thing. Everything is fast and precise. It’s clever, tongue in cheek humour adds a nice element.

Bash my brain has a great stooges sorta riff but has the speed of The Ramones. ‘I don’t need a leather jacket’ finally someone said it!

Codeine is a grungy sounding tune, reminiscent of Mudhoney, and Work It Out has a slight Damned vibe. Side B starts off with You Don’t Want What I Don’t Want which is just a great tune. The guitars are so raw. It’s just fun. Ramones meets Nirvana here. It’s brilliant. Just a song about a relationship that doesn’t work out, so It’s relatable to almost anyone.

Damage Done begins with a sweet riff, and is another good song. There’s nothing ‘special’ about this album, which may be why it’s got such a charm and why it’s so good. It’s a good solid punk album.

Smoke Screen is a faster one, an angry one singing about the realities of world governments and their evils. It’s relatable especially now, and you can’t truly ignore it no matter how you try. It’s impossible, because being a decent human with decent morals is political and was even when Bob Dylan was around. Short and sharp, it hits ya with reality.

Ocd begins with a tribal drum beat, bringing us into some really grungy guitar. And then comes into the Ramones vibe. Old school is where these dudes come from, and it’s all been put into a blender.

The Chimp Effect is another fun one, good tempo and jangly punk guitar. It’s Not Funny is hard, and quite punched out in the arrangement. In Your dream has a nice bass intro, and the bass and drums start the song off, into another riff that’s grunge like. The music itself twists into discord, few bands can achieve it well. These guys just have all the right things to make a great, interesting punk band.

The album closes with I Listen To Bands, which has a straight slow dirge Mudhoney start, and then goes into a really fast angry punk song, and has a great hook. Goes into almost a blues territory in the middle, after the first chorus, and then goes back into breakneck speed, that could induce a car wreck. This album has no bad songs and no guitar solos. It’s great and fucking refreshing to hear. Fantastic record.

1. Anaphylactic
2. Bash My Brain
3. Codeine
4. Damage Done
5. Smoke Screen
6. OCD
7. The Chimp Effect
8. I Listen to Bands

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