Las Rageous Chat with Aaron Gillespie & Spencer Chamberlain Of Underøath

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

The rock world was rejoicing when it was announced that metalcore giants Underøath would be putting out a brand new album; their first in over 8 years. It is entitled Erase Me, and it has been met with praise by both the fans and critics alike. Ever since reforming back in 2015, Underøath has been busy, reintroducing the fans to their sound, and remind them why they were one of the top rock acts in recent years. Las Rageous was the perfect stage for them to introduce some new tunes to the public. Before their set, I had the chance to interview to interview the core members of Underøath, frontman Spencer Chamberlain and drummer/vocalist Aaron Gillespie.

The first question I asked them was where the name Underøath came from. They told me that it a high school and could not really remember, but they did tell me how the letter “o” got its slash, which involved going through designs for the name. While Gillespie does sing a little, he prefers to play the drums, and found it easy to do both now and again. While Underøath originally started in 1997, Gillespie stated that the group really got serious in 2003, and he is excited to have it back. We would discuss how Erase Me is different and how Underøath is a whole new beast. They did not have one favorite track, but felt that every song off the album was great in itself. Every member of the group threw in their contribution into making this record.

I would ask Chamberlain how he felt about having Underøath originally labeled as a Christian Metal band. He was very open about this subject, and he would explain how they are distancing themselves from that label; that it should be about the music and not just about a religion. I would also share my early experience with Christianity and how, after many years in the faith, it has helped me group as an individual, which Chamberlain dug. He and I also talked about his side project he did for a while during Underøath’s hibernation, Sleepwave, and what its status is at the moment. We also went to talk about joining Fearless Records and what their touring plans are for the rest of the year.

I really enjoyed getting to know Gillespie and Chamberlain. It is really awesome to these brothers in music get back out there together, and create new excitement in the Underøath camp. Especially for Chamberlain, he looks healthy and happy. The noise in the background was VYCES performing and people coming in and out of the building where we conducted the interview. I cannot wait to see Underøath again, headlining in their own show and bring the masses together. They killed it at Las Rageous, and they are just getting warmed up. To Aaron Gillespie and Spencer Chamberlain, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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