Photo Review: The Crooked Teeth Tour @ The Agora Theatre

By Matt Moser, Moser Photoworks

What an awful 2-weeks! Hit with a pulsating sinus infection that’s been WW3 in my head. Still feeling the effects, but battling away with antibiotics and lots of rest. I’ve been meaning to post this show for awhile but needed a clear mind to gather my thoughts. On April 21st (god, this feels forever), Papa Roach, Nothing More, and Escape the Fate traveled to Cleveland for a sold-out show at the Agora Theatre. This show has been sold out for a good month and a half prior April 21st, and since not being approved until the last minute, made things a little nerve-racking. Papa Roach has been on my list of bands to cover considering these guys have been playing alongside me since high school, but ever since discovering Nothing More and the praise their newest album “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” has received, I felt I was killing two birds with one stone. The level of emotion spilled out from Jonny Hawkings, lead singer of Nothing More, captivated what a real lyricist displays through music.

All in all, it’s just a tremendous opportunity to photograph an extensive lineup of back-to-back talent like this. I said it many times before and it indeed won’t be that last, but I F***ING love the Agora! Mucho thanks to Mike and the crew there. Memorable!

Escape the Fate

Nothing More

Papa Roach

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