Trivium Brings Metal to Phase 2 with 68 and Braincell

By Paige James, Photos by Out with Ambler

On the last day of April, 2018 another penomenal all ages metal show came to Phase 2 in Lynchburg VA.

Lynchburg local band Braincell started the show with some great metal. It really set the stage for what was to come later the evening. Lead singer Joe even crowd surfed a few times during the Trivium experience later in the evening.

Full Braincell slide show below:



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A very unique duo known as 68 hailing from Atlanta Georgia came to stage next. Both Josh and Michael proved you can have humor, music and just 2 people to make for a good sound. It was something sensational about the music that was orcastrated by each. From the battered drums, to the post punk guiter combined with the “computerized bombast” as the band puts it ,completed quite a performance to behold.

Full 68 slide show below:



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As if this band needed no introduction, the amazing Trivium came to the stage and the faces of the crowd started to melt off as soon as Matt Heafy stuck his tongue out to greet concertgoers. By the time the band got the 3rd song everyone sang along to “Betrayer”. Crowdsurfers went wild and almost topled a moniter with all the ear shattering, head banging metal you could shake your horns too. With the crowd going wild, the band played some of the best songs on the list like “World goes Cold”, “Dragon”, “Strife” and “Heart”. When “Pull Harder” was stated the mosher actually got a full fledged running pit circle up, running and grabbing as many metal fans as would participate for the experience. The crowd sang along to the final song “In Waves” and the band bid the crowd many thanks for being so gracious to have them in Virginia.

Full Trivium slide show below:

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