Album Review: Pounder, Faster Than Fire

By Andy Thunders

Faster Than Fire by Pounder is a limited-edition release of 500 vinyl copy. And it’s an incredibly raw, intense old school metal record.

The opening title track, Faster Than Fire, will melt your face clean off, collecting into a pool of sizzling jelly on the ground at your feet, and the melodies of the vocals will destroy your mind. Absolutely nwobhm influenced thrash, with vocal harmonies to boot. Everything old school metal should have. Incredible musicianship here and tight songwriting. Reminiscent of early Metallica meets Angel Witch with a pinch of Motorhead and Iron Maiden. A phenomenal sound.

The Last Stand starts with a slower, but steady old school metal riff. thank Satan for bringing a good metal band around in today’s climate of shitty boy bands with guitars. Hard-driving, good lyrics, it’s just plain out awesome.

Come alive is a more of a heavy ballad, with acoustic intro, an awesome classic old school riff with awesome fills in there. Great vibe, great musicians, great lyrics, and a great singer. Absolutely incendiary. Imagine Lemmy singing for Maiden, and that’s pretty much this band’s sound. They rock so good, and it’s very refreshing to hear. Absolutely great ep.

Track list:

1. Faster Than Fire
2. The Last Stand
3. Come Alive

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