CO-OP has released a full-streaming-audio video for their new single, “Howl”

Phoenix Hard Rockers CO-OP, featuring Dash Cooper, son of legendary Rock icon Alice Cooper, are preparing to release their self-titled LP 6/15 in the US via EMP LABEL GROUP, 6/29 in Europe via ELLEFSON MUSIC PRODUCTIONS/SPV. The album features guest appearances from Alice Cooper on “Old Scratch”, and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry on “Howl”. The band has also announced an ALBUM RELEASE PARTY for the LP, Saturday, 6/16 at CLUB RED in Phoenix.

CO-OP has released a full-streaming-audio video for their new single, “Howl”, featuring a guest appearance from Hollywood Vampires/Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry.

Alice Cooper, Dash Cooper
Alice Cooper, Dash Cooper
Photo By: Melody Myers

Says Alice, “One thing that Dash’s band has that I absolutely love, is dynamics. I told them one time early on, I said, “Guys, right now you have great parts, but everybody is playing at the same time. You have no dynamics, it’s one big solid line of blast, and I can barely hear the vocals.” The very next time I heard them play, they figured out how to make it dynamic, where they’d go down to one guitar, doing a chug, with the vocals going, and they would come right in with a B section, with everybody, and it was so powerful. And I said, “guys, you have no idea how hard it is to do that.” But they did it on every song. And they still do it.”

He adds, “It’s really great. Even on the radio show, I said, “I’m not just playing this because it’s my son’s band, it’s playing because I really like this.” I really like this music. It’s a band with some fire.”

Additionally, the band released a lyric video in May for their hit single “N.O.W”, which hit #5 on the (US) Mediabase Classic Rock chart.

1. N.O.W.
2. Old Scratch (ft. Alice Cooper)
3. Howl (ft. Joe Perry)
4. Desert Dreams
5. Theme For Ignorance
6. Sleep
7. Condemned
8. Secret Scars
9. Never Whisper The Truth
10. Overdrive

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