Geoff Tate’s 30th Anniversary of Operation: Mindcrime at Phase 2

By Out With Ambler

To celebrate the release of one of the bestselling rock concept albums ever Geoff Tate brought his incredible show to Lynchburg Virginia this past Father’s Day.

The evening started off with local favorite LNV who were thrilled to warm up the crowd for one of their greatest heroes.

Full LNV slide show below:

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Next we were treated to Till Death Do Us Part, a dark alt group featuring Emily Tate on lead vocals, touring to support their album “Detached.” From the first song the audience seemed captivated with them and at the end of the night many fans were remarking how much they enjoyed them. If Till Death Do Us Part comes to a venue near you, GO.

Full Till Death Do Us Part slide show below:

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Electricity filled the room as Geoff Tate and his band entered the stage. An amazing performance by Tate, so much so that it gave this seasoned concert goer goosebumps on several occasions. To be treated to Operation Mindcrime in its entirety, 30 years after its release, was like a trip back in time, yet the lyrics remain relevant for today. A truly magical performance.

Full Geoff Tate slide show below:

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