Album Review: SuuM, Buried into the Grave

By Andy Thunders

Buried into the Grave is the latest offering by SuuM, is a fantastic traditional doom band from Italy. With influences from Saint Vitus and Candlemass, they definitely show that a real good quality doom album doesn’t have to be over thought.

Tower Of Oblivion begins with an ominous thunderstorm, and heavy dirge like bass riff, leading into a funeral march of a vibe. Ghastly, haunting vocals, forlorn and twisted. Reminiscent of German doom band Angel Of Damnation, it’s a fantastic sound and vibe. Like fog over a medieval graveyard. Amazing guitar work.

Black Mist is reminiscent of Saint Vitus on their first two albums, with the riffs of Candlemass. Crushing, pure unadulterated doom.

Buried into The Grave has a great riff, and a great groove. Images of Nosferatu come to mind. These dudes are really fuckin great. They got the riffs, the groove, the lyrics, the vibe. They’re well versed in the power of the riff, and worship its very existence. That’s what it’s all about.

Last Sacrifice kicks in with a straight up early Sabbath inspired riff, creating a wonderful song, with seriously an ungodly awesome riff. The middle section where it slows down, is so epic and atmospheric, and it’s simple. This is how heavy metal should have progressed from 1970.

Seeds Of Decay begins a dark, bluesy plod into hell, And builds into a massive, killer fucking song. Great groove to it, and crushing riffs.

The Woods Are Waiting is a fantastic instrumental piece, absolutely hauntingly beautiful.

The album closes perfectly with Shadows Haunt the Night. Amazing riff, groove, and lyrics. This album is solid and each song is good. An absolutely amazing piece of work.

Track Listing

1. Tower of Oblivion
2. Black Mist
3. Buried into the Grave
4. Last Sacrifice
5. Seeds of Decay
6. The Woods Are Waiting
7. Shadows Haunt The Night

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