Interview With Emily Kavanaugh and Mark Brooks of Night Club

By Matt “Rabit” Martinez

I have never shied away from the question, “Who is the coolest band you know?” It almost always comes back to one band for me, Night Club. Not to bed confused with a place where you go to dance, but actually a two-piece dark electronic pop band. They are two of the coolest people I have had the chance to see live. And while they are finishing up a six-week tour with CombiChrist and Wednesday 13 on the Everyone Still Hates You Tour, I got the chance to catch up with Emily Kavanaugh and Mark Brooks on the last tour date in Los Angeles, CA.

We started off talking about how Emily and Mark came together to create Night Club, and some of their early success being the composers for the short-lived Comedy Central Show Moon Beam City. One of the most interesting facts about the band, is that both members compose parts of the entire song. They work together on every part, and not just leave the vocals to Emily and the instrumental to Mark. We even go over the genius that is Mark Brooks as he mixes each song live on stage during each concert.

One of the greatest aspects of this band is their social media. Specifically, their twitter feed. Helmed by Emily Kavanaugh, we go over how they manage to be so funny online to contrast the doom and gloom of their lyrics. As well, how the band handles the haters that try and put them down. But Night Club is always up to the challenge as they got offered to open for A Perfect Circle a week before leaving on this tour. We discuss how they handled playing a stadium show for the first time in their careers, and how they are building their current fan base.

I had a great time getting to talk one on two with Night Club. They are two very down to Earth people and clearly have some of the most fun while performing on stage. It’s always a pleasure getting to see them play live and I am hoping to catch the two coolest people I know when they play their album release party, for Scary World, on August 25th at Bar Sinister in Los Angeles, CA with Nyxx.

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