Dorothy and Charming Liars Brighten The Glass House in Pomona

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy, Photos by Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images

This has been one of the hottest summers I have ever witnessed. When the weather gets hot, that is when the music turns up the heat even more! So far this summer, I have been to concerts with some of the hottest bands today, both metal and non-metal. From Slayer to Hyro the Hero, I have been broadening my music horizons. Matt and I continued to explore new rock sounds that are different from what we have been used to seeing. At the Glass House in Pomona, Calif., L.A. rockers Dorothy decided to stop by, to show off their classic rock skills. They’ve just released their 2nd album, 28 Days in the Valley, where the sound is like 1960s rock ‘n’ roll. They have also brought their L.A. neighbors Charming Liars to wow the audience. It was a warm Friday night, which is sure going to get hotter.

As I mentioned, Charming Liars is a Los Angeles band, that has a really alternative pop rock sound, that sounds very similar to U2 and the Police. We already saw them once at the Whisky, when they opened for Sick Puppies last year, so we were excited to see them once again. They are a group that has been endorsed by the legendary Sir Elton John. As soon as they started with “Closer,” I was lost in their music. Vocalist Kiliyan Maguire has this sultry voice that can seduce the audience, particularly the ladies that night. Guitarist Karnig Manoukian brought some juicy pop riffs that sounded jovial, while bassist Mike Kruger wowed the night with his bass licks. Charming Liars charmed the Pomona with their electric tunes like “Ocean,” “Deeper,” “Insomnia,” “Time to Start,” and their latest hit single, “Like a Drug.” For 30 minutes, the night belonged to Charming Liars.

Full Charming Liars slide show below:

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Incense filled the air as Dorothy wandered onto the stage, with the ultra cool “White Butterfly.” Frontwoman Dorothy Martin has a mesmerizing appeal when she is in front of an audience. She sounds like Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane, with the look and bohemian style of Stevie Nicks, which are 2 lethal combinations. Along with her voice, she had some righteous riffs from the guitarists Owen Barry and Eli Wulfmeier. They both ripped out really awesome classic rock style solos, that gave me chills, especially the ones coming from Barry. Bassist Eliot Lorango and drummer Jason Ganberg were the heartbeat and soul to each song, giving the rhythmic beat swag.

Dorothy’s entire set list was magical and transparent. They had a good mix of tunes, taken from 28 Days in the Valley and their 2016 debut, Rockisdead. When I heard their songs like “Pretty When You’re High,” “Raise Hell,” “Ain’t Our Time to Die,” “Wicked Ones,” “Who Do You Love,” and “Down to the Bottom,” I felt I was transported to the 1960’s, because their rock style had that 60’s quality to it. I was wearing a Metallica shirt and jean shorts, so I felt out of place when watching them. After they played “Wicked Ones,” Martin hopped off the stage, and the band went into an impromptu jam session, which was very psychedelic. During the closing tune “Freedom,Barry went into this wailing lick that was, in my mind, his best solo. With the fans asking for one more song, Martin came back out with Wulfmeier, and they performed a beautiful edition of “Shelter.” That was the best way to end their night.

Full Dorothy slide show below:

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Pomona was scorching that night with some hot music coming out of the Glass House. It was not a sold out show, but enough people to make it a worthwhile evening. Dorothy are making some big strides in their young career, thanks to their latest record, while Charming Liars continue to charm the fans with their alternative rock beat. This season for rock ‘n’ roll has been smoking, and it is just getting hotter. To Dorothy and Charming Liars, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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