Interview with Kendall Lake

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

Hip-hop will always have a special place in my heart because it was the first genre I really started getting involved with. I really excited to interview a rapper in Hyro the Hero this summer, who likes to mix rap with hardcore punk and metal into his flow. One day, I get this email from a Kerry Harrison from Gramophone Media, who tells I should check out this female artist that all the rage. Her name is Kendall Lake of Los Angeles, and when I watched her video from her latest single, “I’m Not the One,” I was stunned to hear her mix hard rock/metal with her hip-hop beats. I liked what I heard, and I knew I had to chat with her. So, she and I decided to get together outside the Whisky a-Go Go, where I got to learn much about her.

I first called her a rapper, but she prefers to be called a singer, which makes more sense after hearing a couple of other tracks she did. She tells me that she is an artist who is trying to be different from the others. Some her influences include Limp Bizkit, P.O.D., and Rage Against the Machine to name a few. We would talk about “I’m Not the One” and what the song means to her. Basically, Kendall says she wrote the song about being in the industry and telling people of Hollywood she is not somebody to be messed with. She used to be actress, where she actually appeared in an episode of the HBO smash hit, True Blood. She would tell me about how she landed the job and what she experienced on set.

Kendall went to explain her musical education and how she is not only a fan of rock and hip-hop, but of all kinds of music. After years of working as a model, dancer, and actress, she walked into a recording studio 6 years ago and recorded her first song, thus altering her path in life. Her next song, entitled “Reputation,” will be more melodic; it will touch our hearts more than punch us in the gut. I asked her what artist she would like to open for the most, she told me Twenty One Pilots. She does not know if she will do an EP yet because she has a lot of songs written. I am hoping she puts one out because I want to hear more of her work. When I asked her my “Beatles or Rolling Stones” question, she threw a curve ball by answering the Monkees.

We were both filled with shots of tequila, but we both an awesome time getting to know each other. After our interview, she accompanied Matt and I into the Whisky for Resonate and Lethal Injecktion. Haven already developed a following in L.A., she hopes to broaden her fan base by traveling to different venues and festivals, including Coachella. I look forward to seeing what craziness she comes up with in the future. To Kendall Lake, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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