Trendkill Revolution Pay Homage To Vinnie Paul in Fullerton

Article & Photos by Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

Just like last year, fate has struck a blow into the hearts of metalheads around the world, especially me. Vinnie Paul, the legendary drummer of Pantera and Hellyeah, has joined his brother, Dimebag Darrell, in Heaven on June 22nd. He passed away from a heart attack while he was asleep, so I hope he did not feel any pain. I met him at the Loudwire Music Awards last year, and he was one of the nicest, coolest men you would want to meet. On June 25th, Andrew Bansal and his magazine, Metal Assault, put together the first Metal Assault showcase in Fullerton, Calif., and what better place to host it than the Slidebar. What was meant to be another showcase, turned into a tribute to our fallen icon. My boys in Trendkill Revolution headlined the event, along with Imperialist, Khhryst, and Aura.

I unfortunately missed the performances of Aura and Khhryst, but I am sure they put on good performances. Imperialist, the band from Monrovia was next to step up onto the stage. It was my first time seeing the black metal artists, and I have to say, I was really impressed with the brutality of their sound. Vocalist/guitarist Sergio Soto had a monstrous voice, and plays his axe viciously. Bryant Quinones pumped us up with adrenaline with his guitar solos, while his brother Rod was a brute force on the drums. Bassist Josh Alvarez was a headbanging machine while playing destructive beats. Black metal is not always my favorite because of the message it sends out, but I cannot deny the forceful sound the music gives off, and that is exactly what Imperialist gave us.

Full Imperialist slide show below:

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I was supposed to see Trendkill Revolution at the Troubadour this past February, but I missed them on account of traffic, so I was not going to miss them again. They are one of the best Pantera tribute bands out there. Right off the bat, frontman and good buddy Luis Delgado roared to the Heavens for the Abbott brothers to hear them. He has marvelous energy on stage; he just comes alive when is singing his favorite band’s songs, bringing concussions to the fans, when they start moshing to his voice. Jason and Chad Chavez played their hearts out in honor of Dimebag and Vinnie, and bassist Kenny proved he is the master of the low end. From “I’m Broken” to “Psycho Holiday,” “Domination,” “Revolution is my Name,” “Mouth to War,” and “5 Minutes Alone,” the Slidebar was alive with metalheads banging and shoving their bodies against each other. Before going into “Hollow,” Delgado raised his glass of Black Toothless Grin (Crown Royale with Coke) and saluted to Vinnie, and then had another to salute Dimebag. That is the way honor a metalhead.

Full Trendkill Revolution slide show below:

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The night was suppose to be another showcase of groups that Metal Assault put together, but it turned into something more. It became a celebration to the life and legacy of arguably one of the best metal drummers ever born. Trendkill Revolution knocked it out of the park, and Imperialist got extreme in Fullerton. To Trendkill Revolution and Imperialist, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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