Zach Callison Decants “A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak” at Whisky A Go Go

By Matt “Rabit” Martinez, Red Hare Images

Zach Callison released his debut album, A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak (review found HERE), and ironically he decided to throw the release party in the same city in which the tragedy took place, pulling on everyone’s heartstrings. Headlining at the world-famous Whisky A Go Go, Callison eagerly took the stage rocked-out by so many musicians before, ready to bare it all for a crowd in full support of the new road he was fashioning. That night, backed by an ensemble of a band, Callison had his sympathizers experience his heartbreak in a very emotional performance.

“She Don’t Know” was the ignition to the eruption of applause and cheers coming from the audience as Zach Callison made his debut onto the stage. Donning a very shiny gold, leopard print blazer, he grabbed the mic singing into it like an old school crooner. While embodying the style and swagger of a classy lounge singer and with a backing band that fit the aesthetic, Callison was quick to pick up the tempo.  So much so, that once he started dancing around the stage, he was moving around so much that he even ripped the blazer that he bought for this exact occasion only two songs in. Yet, that alone would not stop this showman; who stripped off the blazer to a crowd erupting into frenzy, showing not even a wardrobe malfunction would hinder his ability to perform for his fans.

Blending the night’s performance with a mixture of his original songs off of A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak and a couple covers, Callison was showing Hollywood just the type of talented performer he is. He won the hearts of everyone in attendance when he covered Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe” along with a rock and roll cover of Skrillex’s “Bangerang” that I don’t believe anyone expected to hear.  Not only was the crowd dancing and moving with every word, Callison even ran down into the crowd to get the entire venue up and jumping with him, creating his own little rave in the heart of the Sunset Strip.

One of the most unique aspects of Callison’s debut album is that each song is broken up by an Interlude to bridge each song and the overall story. Audience members could tell that he did not plan on leaving these songs out of his live performance, so he played the interludes to their respective songs along with other favorites like “Phantom Love” and “Curtain Call.” When it came time to perform the final song of the night, the lead single “War,” Callison could barely be contained by the small stage at the Whisky. As the crowd shouted for an encore, Callison decants from his special reserve, a second performance of “War” where each band member went even crazier on stage. At this point Callison refused to be limited and ran into the audience once again to dance, sing, and hug as many fans that came out that night to support him.

Full Zach Callison slide show below:

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To all the fans that have been following Zach Callison’s career and his main claim to fame, his live performance can be an image-shattering experience. Furthermore, Callison is such a talented performer filled with so much charisma that he will capture you right back as soon as his lips hit the mic. Though Callison has been performing at anime and comic conventions over the last year, I feel his performance at the Whisky A Go Go was his true coming-out as a musician. It is truly a historic music venue and Callison had effortlessly portrayed his real self through his pain to all his fans.  Zach Callison is here and he can be just as charming as you would hope, but the man himself is much diverse from behind the blissful curtain of fame

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