The Black Dahlia Murder and Weyerbacher Brewing join forces with “Warborn”

Decibel Metal & Beer Fest: Los Angeles, presented by Metal Blade Records, continues its mission of pairing the most extreme minds in music and craft beer with Warborn Rye Pale Ale. Melodic death metal crew The Black Dahlia Murderhave joined forces with longtime Decibel partner Weyerbacher Brewing – who brewed the official beer for the Philadelphia festival in March – to create the drinkable 5% ABV rye pale ale.

“We’re extremely excited to pair with Weyerbacher in the creation of Warborn Rye Pale Ale for our appearance at Decibel Metal and Beer Fest Los Angeles,” The Black Dahlia Murder front-man Trevor Strnad says. “Named after the closing track of our third album, ‘Nocturnal‘, Warborn is sure to be a bona fide hit amongst even the most discerning metalhead palette in attendance. The nostalgic Bolt Thrower-esque artwork was originally commissioned by the band in 2009 for a limited run of Warborn-themed long sleeve shirts that were sold exclusively on a European festival tour, and has triumphantly returned here almost ten years later to grace each can of this exquisite craft beer of the same name. The original painting was expertly handled by one John Sibbick, who constructed the iconic futuristic war scene that adorned the first edition of Warhammer 40k and subsequently Bolt Thrower‘s ‘Realm of Chaos’ album. 

Painstakingly aged to delicious perfection on white oak and seasoned in death metal glory, Warborn will emerge victorious!”

Warborn comes in at an easily-drinkable 5% ABV, so you can drink it from the time that doors open until The Black Dahlia Murder takes the stage. Just don’t spill while you rage! Tickets for Metal & Beer Fest can be purchased at:

About Decibel Magazine:
Founded in 2004, Decibel Magazine is heavy metal’s most trusted voice. For over 13 years, Decibel has never deviated from its original mission of examining the past, present and future of metal. Since the debut issue (The Dillinger Escape Plan, October 2004), Decibel has evolved into the authoritative publication on heavy music. Members of the Decibel community know that their level of passion is matched by the magazine’s staff and writers, and they trust that Decibel will always guide them toward the best music from both undiscovered acts and their favorite major artists. Decibel isn’t just America’s only monthly metal magazine – with an array of dynamic, exclusive content, five national tours and multiple books in their arsenal, they’re the true voice of heavy metal.

About Metal Blade Records:
Metal Blade Records was formed in 1982, and still remains independent, with offices worldwide. Throughout the years, the label has released material for countless renown acts (such as Metallica, Slayer, etc.), and is currently home to Amon Amarth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Cannibal Corpse, and many other legendary artists. For more information, please visit:

About Weyerbacher:
Established in 1995, Weyerbacher Brewing was founded in a livery stable in the historic city of Easton, Pennsylvania. From the first big beer, their path in this industry became clear – making big, full-flavored, high quality brews – and they’ve never looked back! Weyerbacher is dedicated to making bold, innovative beers that challenge style boundaries.

About The Black Dahlia Murder:
The Black Dahlia Murder released their latest album, Nightbringers, to critical acclaim last fall. In the hands of guitarist Brian Eschbach – who co-founded the band with front-man Trevor Strnad in 2001 – and new recruit Brandon Ellis (Arsis, ex-Cannabis Corpse), Nightbringers is rich with dynamic riffs that are at once fresh and classic The Black Dahlia Murder, resulting in a collection that shifts through many moods and effortlessly incorporates various elements of extreme metal. To preview and purchase Nightbringers, please visit:

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