Kendall Lake Gives Sexy Performance at Edison Bar

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

When I listened to one of Kendall Lake’s songs, I was in shock to hear what she was putting together. She mixes hip-hop and R&B elements with some hard rock flavor. The first song I heard was her YouTube hit, “I’m Not the One.” I had opportunity a while back to interview her outside the Whiskey. Sporting a Guns N’ Roses t-shirt, I was already liking her immediately. She was wild, funny, and full of pumped-up energy. She recently got invited to perform at the Edison Bar, a swanky, roaring 20s style bar hidden in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. She was supposed to perform with her band, but two of the members had to drop out of the performance due to other commitments. However, that would not stop her for her drummer, Hana Rivas, would provide the thunder and bring backing tracks to her music.

I knew Kendall Lake was a good singer with a sultry style, but when she gets up on that stage, she just becomes lost in own world. She would play three 30 minute sets of her own original material. The way she grooves on the stage with the microphone is very sexy and mesmerizing. Rivas does an excellent job keeping the beat on track. He is not the flashiest drummer out there, but he makes it look good where it counts. During her 3 sets, Kendall did three costume changes. During the 1st set, she on a 1970s style swanky jump suit piece. Then on the 2nd set, she came out with black pants and a silk white shirt. On the final set, she performed in a gorgeous bra. No matter she was wearing, she looked good for the small crowd.

It was great hearing her original songs being performed live. From “Covered in Lies” to “I’m Not the One,” “Thought You Should Know,” “Over,” and “S&X,” Kendall gave her loyal followers a good dosage of enthralling tunes. When she went into “Hero,” she brought up her singing partner from that song, J. Rae, and they both killed it. She would also perform a couple of new songs that will be featured on her debut album, one of which is called “Bang.” She then announced the title of her album, Pretty Deadly. With a title like that, I can expect some killer tracks off the record. Into her third set, she brought up pop singer DyWaves to perform “This Is Us.” Though I am not particularly a fan of pop, I actually like that song. She ended the night with the first song she performed, “Covered in Lies.”

Full Kendall Lake slide show below:

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Kendall was enchanting to watch perform. She is a triple threat, having the moves, the looks, and the voice. I believe that has the determination to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry. The Edison bar was lucky to book her, and the fans are falling in love with her. She has what it takes to blow Cardi B and Nicki Minaj out of the water. I am anxious to hear her debut record. I am sure it will be a crowning jewel in the record industry. To Kendall Lake, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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